ColorBomb™ FDA Violet AV429 Batch Certified Aluminum Lake
ColorBomb™ FDA Violet AV429 Batch Certified Aluminum Lake




This is a custom violet purple bath bomb mix using batch certified dyes. Shipping for this item is FREE to 48 states.

The use rate for 80 ounces of bath bomb mix is 3 teaspoons of Violet mix bath bomb dye. This will give the bath water an purplish tint and will result in a lightly colored purple bath bomb.

The addition of polysorbate 80 is very important in order for the batch certified colorants to not leave a color ring/residue in the tub. Poly 80 should be used at 1 to 2 percent of your recipe. 

Batch certified dyes are the only dyes legally allowed to be used in bath bombs and other cosmetic products in the United States. Batch certified dyes are more expensive to produce but will keep you within the FDA guidelines for cosmetic colorants as the maker. Mica powders and cosmetic glitters can also be used in bath bombs, as they are exempt from certification. We highly recommend our earth friendly biodegradable glitters for bath bombs.

These colors bleed in soaps, and we don't recommend them for this reason.

Thank you to Amie Pearson (Mama) of Mama Pearson's Soaporium to testing our certified lake colors for us!

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