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Castor Oil


There really is no other oil like castor oil in soap. Castor contributes to big fluffy luxurious bubbles, unlike any other oil can. Many people also love castor in shampoo bars because of its humectant and moisturizing properties.

Castor oil should not be used at more than 10% in cold process, because it will make a soft bar if too much is used. Used at lower percentages, this oil will give your soaps a bubbly kick!

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Just what I needed 😊

I was running low and this small bottle worked out perfectly. I was hoping for the bigger one, but they were sold out. Since I also live in Indiana, I got it fast. Plus the free shipping really helped! Definitely recommend!

Great bubbles!

I love the luscious bubbles this product adds to my soaps!

Great packaging!

I've used this now in several of my batches. It works well and the packaging is great, They take time and make sure nothing will spill.

Can't make my soap without Castor!

I don't think I'll ever make a batch of CP that DOESN'T contain castor! My soaps love it, my skin loves it- it's awesome stuff! Really helps my soap recipes maintain big, fluffy lather... It's like the coconut oil gets it started & the castor keeps it going! I use it at 10% in all my recipes and really enjoy the results! A little goes a long way too... Just 5 to 10% makes a wonderful difference in lather sustainability, and it's a very affordable oil too! As with EVERYTHING Nurture offers, the quality is top-notch, and I'm really loving how this is packaged too... Castor is thick & syrupy, but the design of the bottle makes for easy handling & pouring. 100% recommend!!

Good price for its quality and size

This is my second time order of the 3.9 lb castor oil and I’m satisfied with the quality and size. I keep using this oil for my soap making and if available, I will be reordering a bigger size from Nurture soap next time.

Nurture Soap is a vegan & cruelty free company. Shipping is free over $30 to 48 states.

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