Neon Pigment Set - Carnival Collection

Neon Pigment Set - Carnival Collection


You will receive one of each color in the Carnival neon colorant collection. These neons are bright, fun, and create the brightest soaps we have ever seen! You will receive: Blue neon, green neon, yellow neon, purple neon, pink neon, orange neon, and red neon.

Our blue, yellow, and purple neon pigments can be used in cosmetics. Green, pink, red and orange neon pigments are for soap only.

Our pink, red and orange neons are not certified to be cosmetic grade although they do contain cosmetic grade ingredients. What does this mean? It means that all FD&C colors must be certified by an FDA approved facility at each point of packaging. Unless these colors were certified by Nurture Soap as we are the final packager (we buy these in bulk and break them down for you), we can't sell them as certified cosmetic grade.

*Many refer to neon pigments as micas. They are not! Colored micas are made on a mica substrate or mica flakes. Neon pigments are a resin powder. They act differently than micas, and should always be mixed in oil before adding to to soap to avoid spots in the soap*

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