Build Your Own Melt and Pour Soap Making Kit

Our 2.5 pound basic mold makes the traditional size soap bar. Our 2.5 pound tall and skinny mold makes a taller more modern shaped soap bar. Already have a mold? Skip this option! A soap mold gives your soap its shape and makes the soap easily release from the mold.
Our melt and pour bases are detergent free and contain no SLS or SLSA or harmful additives. They are real soap made using traditional soap making methods. Clear base makes the brightest colors, while white base looks more natural and rustic.
You will receive a sample size (enough for one soap loaf) with each fragrance you choose. CAUTION! Fragrances with vanilla will turn soap light to dark brown. Research your options before you buy by going to the fragrance product page. Direct product links are listed in the description below.
Choose up to three micas for your soaps. You may order one to three samples. Our mica colors are very high shimmer and will make your soaps look amazing! You can mix and match the micas you want and even blend the different colors to create your own custom color.

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This kit is perfect for beginning soap makers and those who want to be able to make gifts for others. You can completely customize this kit based on your preferences. Complete instructions to make beautiful soaps will be included in your kit. With this kit you can make your own beautiful soaps that is ready to use in just a few hours! These soaps make great gifts or are a wonderful way to treat yourself with amazing scents. These soaps are better than those you'll buy at the stores, and cost much less. Plus you'll have the satisfaction of making them yourself!

Items that you will need that are not included in the kit are a large microwave safe bowl and a silicone spatula for stirring the soap. We include color mixing cups for free in this kit.

You will receive 3 samples of organic herbs (enough for 3 loaves of soap) for FREE with this kit! The herbs included are:

  • Organic lavender buds
  • Organic calendula petals
  • Organic chamomile flowers

Mold choices:

Melt and pour base choices:

Fragrance choices:

Mica color choices: