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All the Micas Sample Set (117 Micas)


This set includes every mica color available from Nurture Soap including our exclusive line of eco-friendly EnviroGlitters. We proudly offer the widest selection of micas available for soaps. This is a wide variety of colors that is also perfect for other crafts such as resin casting and painting.

Each sample can color 1-2 pounds of soap. Lighter colors like orange and yellow should be used at 2 tsp. per pound of oils to get a brighter color intensity. Darker colors like Red Vibrance can be used at .5 tsp - 1 tsp. per pound.

Lighter and white micas will add tremendous shimmer to melt and pour soaps and resin. If you're craving bright colors only, check out our High Chroma Mica Set that includes 77 of our brightest and boldest micas.

Save 15% by buying these colors as a set.

Alpine Green Mica Celestial Silver Mica Green Vibrance Mica Magic Moments Mica Orchid Purple Mica Silver Mist Mica
Amaranth Pink Mica Cheshire Cat Mica Heart Breaker Mica Magic Mushroom Mica Persian Rose EnviroGlitter Siren's Song Mica
Atomic Orange Mica Copper Penny Mica Heart's Desire EnviroGlitter Mango Tango Mica Pink Vibrance Mica Sky Blue Mica
Baby Blue Mica Coral Reef Mica Hello Spring! Mica Mardi Gras EnviroGlitter Proud Peacock Mica Snowflake Sparkle Mica
Berry Twist Mica Cornflower Blue EnviroGlitter High Society Mica Maya Gold Mica Purple Haze Mica Starry Night EnviroGlitter
Black Onyx EnviroGlitter Cyber Grape Mica Hollywood Pink Mica Midnight Blue Mica Purple Vibrance Mica Sugar & Spice Mica
Black Pearl Mica Dark Navy Blue Mica Honey Blush Mica Mimosa Mica Queen of Hearts Mica Summer Crush Mica
Blackberry Mica Eclipse EnviroGlitter Imperial Purple EnviroGlitter Mocha Brown Mica Rainforest Mica Super Sparkles EnviroGlitter
Blue Enigma Mica Electric Blue Mica Iris Purple Mica Moonshine EnviroGlitter Rapture Mica Synergy Mica
Blue Vibrance Mica Electric Orange Mica Jade Green Mica My Red Obsession Mica Rapunzel Mica The Adamant Olive Mica
Brick Dust Mica Emerald Green Mica Jam Session Mica Mystic Blue EnviroGlitter Red Enigma Mica Tropical Teal Mica
Brilliant Blue Mica Enchantment Mica Kashmir Mica Mystic Gold EnviroGlitter Red Vibrance Mica Velvet Pearl Mica
Bronze Brown Mica Fantasia Mica Klein Blue Mica Mystic Red EnviroGlitter Rise & Shine Mica Wanderlust Mica
Cabaret Mica Fire Cider Mica Laurel Green Mica Neutral Gray Mica Rose Pink Mica Wild Strawberry EnviroGlitter
Cabin Fever Mica Firecracker Mica Lemon Drop Mica New Leaf Mica Ruby Red Mica Wild Violet EnviroGlitter
Camouflage Mica Firefly Mica Lime Appeal Mica Nocturnal Mica Sahara Gold Mica Winter White Mica
Candy Apple Red Mica Flower Girl Mica Lollipop Mica Northern Lights Mica Savage Garden Mica Yellow Vibrance Mica
Cantaloupe Mica Fuchsia EnviroGlitter Love & Sunshine Mica Oleander Mica Sea Green Mica
Caribbean Blue Mica Gold Dust EnviroGlitter Love Song Mica Orange Marmalade Mica Shamrock Gold EnviroGlitter
Celadon Green Mica Gold Enigma Mica Lustrous Brown Mica Orange Vibrance Mica Shimmer Gold Mica

Customer Reviews

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This is a soap makers Mecca!

I just sat on the floor and pulled each one out and just ohhh’d and ahhhh’d at each one. Such an amazing set. A great starter set and an even better gift!

A True Asset

I received this Mica Set as a gift from Carrie and I still can't believe how amazing it is! If you are new to soaping this set is a great way to play with color and create beautiful soaps! and even if you have been soaping for a long time, this set will be a fantastic asset to you arsenal of colors! Have you ever been thinking of ideas for colors and designs and you want a certain color but you don't have it? If you had this set of Micas, then that wouldn't be an issue. You would have all the colors!! All of them! I have had so much fun sitting with these colors and glitters and coming up with future soap designs! As soon as you open the box you will be hit with a wave of inspiration! I truly recommend that everyone buy this set of Micas!

Awesome set!

Huge selection with different varieties of colors that are similar. I laid them all side by side to compare. Each has a slightly shading difference, some have added small or large sparkles. Overall a great purchase. I did the math and its $1.43 per jar. Highly recommend! I did a 28 minute review video in my private soap making group where i name, open, and show each jar! At the end I open every jar and put them in color order to see the differences of same colored micas. You can find the video on FB" in "The Worlds Greatest Soap Making Group". (I will try to edit this review later to add a photo)

117 mica set

I bought this set as a Christmas present to myself. The colors are amazing. So excited. Can’t wait till after the holiday busyness to by able to make some soap and use these wonderful colors. Love this set


I received the set of 117 micas as a gift from Carrie, the awesome owner of NS. As I took out each container from the box, I unscrewed the lids and had to "ooh and awe" and what was inside each jar. I absolutely couldn't imagine what the "All Micas Sample Set" would possibly be like, and in all honesty I probably wouldn't have purchased this on my own. HOWEVER, had I known what a treasure trove these 117 very generous amount of samples are to a soapmaker, I would have bought it long ago. The GREAT thing about these samples are that you can try out the micas and glitters that you wouldn't have thought to try, and each jar is more than enough for several batches of soap. I would encourage any new soapmaker who is gathering supplies for this craft, to seriously consider purchasing this set. I've been making soap for 3+ years and there are SO many micas and glitters that I have not tried because, well, 117 is quite a lot, and many of the shades look very similar on the computer screen. But my biggest surprise was the BLUE VIBRANCE! Had I know what a beautiful blue it would be in my Christmas soaps this year, I would have bought it long ago. Purchasing this "All Micas Sample Set" will be one of the best investments you'll make!

Nurture Soap is a vegan & cruelty free company. Shipping is free over $30 to 48 states.

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