9" Multi Bar Soap Cutter

Color: Metallic Pink
Sale price$169.99


The 9" Multi Bar Soap Cutter is made by us in our shop in Huntington Indiana by an orthopedic machinist with 20 years of experience. It is made with precision detail and will last indefinitely. We sell replacement wires here if one were to ever break. We guarantee our cutters for one year from delivery from normal wear and tear.

Please be aware the STARRY NIGHT color is BLACK with a subtle blue sparkle. 

Spacing between wires on this cutter is 1". To request a custom spacing between the wires, please call us at 260-200-1081 or write us here. There is a $100 upcharge for custom spacing.

This cutter is made of steel and is extremely heavy duty. The bottom is thick HDPE and the entire cutter is completely washable. We know soap can be messy and this machine can be placed in a sink and sprayed with water to clean without worry of warping wood pieces.

Melt and pour soaps, 100% coconut oil soaps, and salt soaps are too hard to cut with a multibar wire cutter. Soaps that are very hard will put too much stress on the strings and cause them to snap. For best results, cut your soap as soon as it is taken out of the mold, and within 48 hours.

The lowest spacing available on our cutters is .875". To be able to cut a full 18" loaf of soap with our 9" bar cutter, check out our loaf extension tool.

Our cutters are:

  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Beautiful
  • Customizable
  • Easy to use
  • Guaranteed!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
Wish I would have purchased sooner

I’m so happy with this soap cutter! It’s very well made and absolutely worth the money. I wish I would have invested in this sooner. It’s an absolute joy to use, and comes ready to use with the wires pre installed. I love the even consistent professional look of the bars cut with this tool. So happy!!

Effective little cutter

I've had this cutter for a few months and it's a game changer. Buy now! :)

Tammy Rogers
Soap cutter

Omg how much I love this cutter, it is a total game changer. It's well designed and easy to clean. Great value for the price.

Cuts Soap Like Butter!

I am in love with my multi-bar cutter! It is a quality, rugged piece of equipment.
I have had a single bar cutter for years. It worked well but This Is A Game Changer! It works so well making clean even cuts. Perfection, and so pretty!

Luna Tucker
Soap cutter

I love it.