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25 Cube Silicone Mold

The best quality cube mold ever!!I’m very much impressed with the quality of this mold. It’s very sturdy and I imagine will last for a lifetime. The size of the cubes is just perfect for my purpose, I’m using it for Aleppo and Castile soap which come out to be about 5oz. each cube, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for the amazing products, heart warming packaging with cute notes and samples and outstanding customer service! At last I found a company where I loved every single item I ordered, way beyond my expectations! - Ekaterina

Our 25 Cube Silicone Soap Mold is one of our favorite soap molds! Not only are the soaps made in this mold an amazing shape, but this mold is absolutely versatile as well. We use it for fragrance and color testing because each cavity can be filled individually with different scents and colors. You can fill only part of the mold or the whole mold, making up to 125 ounces (almost 8 pounds) of soap. It doesn't need support and is very sturdy on its own.

For the easiest release of soap in this mold, sodium lactate should be used. Let the soap harden thoroughly before trying to release the soap from the individual cavities of this mold. To release the soap cubes, turn the mold over and put gentle pressure on each individual square. The soap releases like a dream this way!

Number of Cavities 25
ID of each Cavity 2.125" x 2.125" x 1.75" H
Cavity Capacity 5 ounces of oils each
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Food Grade Silicone No

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As Described

I needed a mold for testing my FO’s and this was a perfect option. It’s very versatile and sturdy. Perfect!

Very sturdy mold

Great size and the perfect shape, it is very sturdy so I don’t worry about moving the mold once the soap is poured. Kind of difficult to get the soaps out but I think it’s because I filled half the mold and not the entire thing.


I was looking for a low-cost but durable mold for my shampoo bars and this fits the bill! You would think it's flimsy but not at all! The bottom is VERY STURDY as are the sides so you can pound it down on the counter without it making a mess. Really nice and I might buy another for my conditioner bars! Awesome mold! -- course ALL my molds have come from NS!!

So many options!

You can get really creative with this big guy. Use a few to try different things. I’m planning on using this one as to almost create a painting when I’m done. It’s sturdy and gives you a little freedom to think outside the box ❤️


This is a great mold. I like the square cube. It’s a nice change of design. I use mineral oil to (grease) the mold to help with release. It could get tough if you have a higher suoer fat or higher water % recipe. Plus I wait four or five days to release. It is sturdy enough to be on its own as opposed to other molds that might produce unleveled soaps without support. Little bummed.... I didn’t get any samples as other reviewers got with their mold. Lol

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