2.5 Pound Tall and Skinny Mini Silicone Liner
2.5 Pound Tall and Skinny Mini Silicone Liner




Our 2.5 pound tall and skinny mini silicone liner holds 30.71 ounces (1.92 pounds) of oils maximum. It will yield approximately 2.5 pounds of finished soap. If this mold is filled to the very top, it can yield up to 2.9 pounds of soap before cure or cook. Results will vary depending on your unique recipe. This liner is used with out tall and skinny mini basic and premium molds.

This .25" thick silicone liner is perfect for those that love the tall and skinny look in soaps, but don't want to make big bars or use a lot of soap oils at one time. This liner is also great for making guest size bars with the unique tall and skinny look. This has quickly become our favorite mold for making experimental batches. Layering is so easy to do in this liner because it has more height allowing for thicker layers without having to make a lot of soap. This liner is dishwasher safe. Makes 9 1" bars.

Can be used for: This listing includes: Dimensions:
Cold process 1. Polished silicone liner Inside of liner  10.5" L x 2.2" W x 2.6" H
Hot process Outside of liner 
Melt and pour Liner thickness ➜ .25"
CPOP up to 200°F Max amount of oils  30.71 oz

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