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2.5 lb Premium Mold

Our 2.5 pound premium soap mold holds 31.5 ounces (1.96 pounds) of oils maximum. It will yield approximately 2.5 pounds of finished soap. If this mold is filled to the very top, it can yield up to 2.9 pounds of soap before cure or cook. This mold features removable sides and a clear lid for viewing soap as it gels. The lid limits contact with air during saponification reducing ash on soaps.

    Liner(s) Used 2.5 lb Loaf Liner
    Lid(s) Used 2.5 lb Premium Mold Lid
    Wood Mold Used 2.5 lb Premium Wood Mold
    Liner Capacity 31.5 ounces of oils
    Liner Thickness .13 inches
    ID of Liner 9" L x 3.5" W x 2.5" H
    Dishwasher Safe Silicone Yes
    Food Grade Silicone Yes

    Customer Reviews

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    This is my all time favorite mold, it has all the features I could ask for in a mold. I love the slide in cover, helps decrease the amount of ash on my soaps and I love the removable sides, which makes removing the liner and soap so much easier. This is truly a soapmaker's mold, hands down. Thank you Nurture Soap :)

    Premium Mold 2.5 lb - Excellent!

    The Premium Mold 2.5 lb is an exceptional tool for the soap making process. The mold is high quality, very functional, and a great compact size for making 1 to 2.9 pound soap loaves. My soap loaves release from the silicone liner perfectly, and the liner cleans up quickly with soap and water. The two mold walls and clear see through lid that slide in-and-out of the mold are brilliant. The mold does a great job insulating soap during saponification and gel phase. Overall, this mold is excellent and I thoroughly enjoy working with it. I highly recommend this mold to all soapers, and I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you for this great product, excellent job Nurture Soap!


    Love this mold

    Nice mold

    Very nicely made

    Awesome Mold

    Awesome mold - I always unmold 2-3 days no matter the recipe. The loaf is unmolded with ease and whole (intact). Love the removable side panels, clear lid, and easy to clean liner.

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