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    2.5 lb Handle Liner

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    Product description

    Our 2.5 pound silicone handle liner holds 30 ounces (1.875 pounds) of oils. The handles on the liner allow for very easy removal from the soap mold box. The silicone covers the sides of the mold to keep the wood clean, and the silicone is thin for easy removal of the liner from your soap. 

    This is the easiest liner we've used! A lid is not currently offered, but if you'd like to cover your soap we recommend and upside down box with towels placed over the box to provide insulation. Typically the wooden mold box offered with the complete mold set provides enough insulation to heat and gel your soap. 

    This liner will bow without support. A box or container will need to be used to allow the liner to maintain it's shape. These liners may vary in length by +/- 1/8" inch. Keep this in mind if building your own container.


    🧮 Lye Calculator

    How to calculate the volume of a mold:

    1. L x W X H = ? X .4
    2. Example: 18 x 3.5 x 2.5 = 157.5 x .4 = 63 ounces of oils
    3. This is the maximum amount of oils that can be used with this size mold.
    4. Use any mold and calculate the max amount of oils the same way.

    Liner Specifications

    • Liner Capacity: 30 ounces of oils
    • ID of Liner: 8 7/8” L x 3.5” W x 2.5” H +/- 1/8”

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