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Divider Set for 12 lb Slab Mold

Our slab mold dividers are made exclusively for our 12 pound slab mold liner. This divider set makes 15 bars of soap that measure 2.5"W x 2.75" L x up to 3" H.

We recommend filling our 12 lb mold with a divider halfway or 3/4 to the top to allow for easier removal of the soap. Coating the divider with vaseline or mineral oil before pouring the soap will also allow for easier removal of the divider from the soap.

This listing is for the dividers only. To work properly it must be used with our 12 pound slab mold.

These dividers can be used with our:

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Why do these dividers even have side pieces?

I bought these dividers some time ago but never used them until last weekend. My recipe was 60% lard, 25% coconut,15% other, so it was a hard recipe. Even now after five days I can't slide the pieces out without soap sticking to the sides and messing up my bars. Plus-you have to pull 2 of the outside pieces away from the soap rather than twisting and sliding because of the way they lock together and this pulled big chunks out of my soap. I tried using a sharp knife to separate the soap from the dividers which did help but still did not prevent damage to my soap. These plastic dividers should have been designed minus the outer pieces. #1 the outside pieces take up too much room in the liner making for smaller bars of soap and #2 if the dividers were the length of the liner you wouldn't need the outside pieces. The soap would release much easier from the silicone being on the sides rather than the hard plastic. Then you could slide the soap pieces out of the dividers easier. I love Nurture's silicone lined molds and I have a bunch of them, but these dividers are a big NO for me. I can cut my soap with a knife and it will look a lot better than it does by the time I get it out of these dividers. I will not be using them again.

A happy person....

I just love my new divider. It's easy to use, an Love,Love.


I first had a problem with these dividers but it was my fault, not the falt of the company. I over filled my mold and had a hard time unmolding. I contacted Nurture and they quickly resolved the issue by helping me and also re-writing the instructions on using them. These dividers and mold are of the highest quality and Nurture Soap is a wonderful company with excellent customer service. Still my favorite soap supply company!


Omg, can someone give me a tip on how to unmold the bars from this insert. Fist of all, I used the recommended oz to fill the mold which was way too much. I inserted the dividers which disappeared into the soap, 24 hours later it's like concrete. No way to get the dividers away from the soap. The soap is very ready, the dividers are not. I have no idea how to unmold this soap unless I just dig it out and trash it. No instructions came with these dividers. I've struggled all day trying to get just 1 bar out to no avail. I am so upset with this purchase because I really wanted this to work. Is there anyone out there that has tips on using these? recipe is a hard recipe, I've never had this problem unmolding my soap.

Rhonda, the oils are calculated at absolute max and without the dividers for the 12 lb liner. If using the dividers the oils would have to be reduced, since the dividers take up a substantial volume of the mold. Since the mold was overfilled and soap came above the dividers, your soap is essentially stuck. When using the dividers, you should not fill soap past the top of it as this will create a situation where the soap is very difficult to remove. Given the situation, here is what I think I would do to try and save the soap: Trim the overflowing soap off the sides of the divider first. The sides are the first thing that will need removed. The sides will need gently pried and twisted away from the soap once the excess soap is removed. Start at one end of the side and work your way down. Do this for all four sides. Once the sides are removed, you will work on removing the inner dividers. Use the same method by trimming away the excess and gently removing the dividers from the soap. I use a release then twist method and it seems to work well. If you can't get the soap to release, you may use a thin blade (like a sharp knife) to cut away the soap from the liner. Another tip is to coat the dividers with a very thin layer of vaseline before use, and the dividers will slide off. Also, when using dividers, we suggest filling below the tops of the dividers to help soap unmold more easily. Pouring over the top of the dividers will make them very difficult to remove.
Love these items!

I love the 15 bar mold divider set so much that I ordered an additional set. Soap is easy to remove and has a smooth appearance. It does take some practice on unmolding the soap, but, once you get the hang of it is super easy. The bars are huge so I cut them in half and make thirty bars at one time which is a huge time-saving plus. Nuture Soap, as always, delivered my order very quickly and also includes a little bonus surprise tucked in my package. Highly recommend this company.

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