12" Tall Skinny Silicone Mold

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The 12" Tall Skinny Silicone Soap Mold is great for making cold process and melt and pour soaps! The sides of this mold are reinforced so no box is needed. Even though this mold is very sturdy, it will work best if not filled all the way to the top. This will help prevent any bowing of the sides. The shape of the soap bars that come from this mold are a perfect size for the hands. We love this great tall and skinny mold!

Mold Specifications

• Liner Capacity: 32 ounces of oils
• ID of Liner: 12" L x 2 1/8" W x 3 1/4" H

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Customer Reviews

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Great Tall & Skinny Mold

I use this mold when I am gifting soaps, and absolutely love it. The mold releases well and I did not notice any bowing as previous customers have mentioned.


Best mold I have ever used!!!

Great mold

Very nice mold! I do not make tall and skinny soaps often, but when I did, I did not notice any bowing and my bars released easily from the mold.

Carolyn Palano
Releasing from this mold

I love this mold, at first I was having trouble getting the loaf to release, but after contacting customer service they suggested that I do a water discount which I normally don't do, after doing this 24 hours later my loaf just popped right out of that mold. I have solved the issue of it Boeing slightly when filled to the top by placing it inside my 5-pound nurture soap loaf mold and gently tucking paper towels along one side so that it fits snug inside the other mold works like a charm.

Releasing from this mold

I was having a time getting the loaf out,so I took your advice and did a significant water discount WOW what a difference, after 24 hours it just pops right out! Love this mold! I place it inside my 5 pound nuture soap loaf mold and gently tuck paper towels along one side to prevent bowing, it works perfectly.