UPDATE 3/24/2020!

Due to an update of businesses that are considered essential by the state of Indiana, Nurture Soap is considered an essential business. We will remain open during the shutdown!

However, employees are able to work on an voluntary basis. Nurture Soap will not force employees to work if they do not feel safe doing so.

For this reason, shipping may be slower than usual. Your understanding is sincerely appreciated and we're so happy we are able to supply soap making products to our customers during these uncertain times.

As always, lots of love from Nurture Soap!❤️

For more information on what is considered an essential business in the state of Indiana, visit in.gov here.

Supplies for Essential Businesses and Operations 

"Businesses that sell, manufacture, and/or supply other Essential Businesses and Operations with the support or materials necessary to operate, including computers, audio and video electronics, household appliances; IT and telecommunication equipment; hardware, paint, flat glass; electrical, plumbing and heating material; sanitary equipment; personal hygiene products; food, food additives, ingredients and components; medical and orthopedic equipment; optics and photography equipment; diagnostics, food and beverages, chemicals, soaps and detergent; and firearm and ammunition suppliers and retailers for purposes of safety and security."

If you are a soap maker in the state of Indiana, your business is considered essential! We are considered essential because we supply the ingredients needed for you to make soap and personal hygiene products.

3/23/2020 - Nurture Soap will be closed beginning 3/24/2020 due to an Indiana State Executive order requiring all non-essential businesses to shut down for a two-week period. Business will resume 4/6/2020. We will work very hard to process all outstanding orders today 3/23/2020. We will ship all unprocessed orders as soon as we can arrive back to work. We can also offer refunds for unprocessed orders placed before 3/24/2020.

You will be able to order from us during the shutdown. You will have to comply with our terms which state you understand that your order will not be shipped until at least 4/6/2020. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and wish health and happiness to all our beloved customers! ❤️