Quick Color FAQ:

  • Micas are oil soluble. They can be added directly to the soap or mixed in oil or glycerin and added to the soap.
  • Pigments, oxides (besides titanium dioxide), and ultramarines are oil soluble. They must be mixed in glycerin or oil before adding to soap to prevent speckling.
  • Our titanium dioxide is water soluble. It should be mixed in water first then added to soap. 
  • Use rates for colors are on the product descriptions and jar labels.
  • All of our products are vegan and never tested on animals.
  • All colors are tested in soap before adding them for sale. You can see pictures of colors in soap in the product description.
  • Safety information for each color is stated on the product page. We sell colors for soap only but provide this information if you would like to use our colors in other products.
  • All colors are sold by WEIGHT, not volume. Because of this, many products will not be filled to the top of the jar or bag.
  • Our micas are also awesome in paint, resin, scrap booking, and all types of arts and crafts. They are a very versatile product!
  • Have questions? Write at support@nurturesoap.com


Can your micas, lakes, dyes, etc. be used in bath bombs?

YES! We do not test or sell them for this purpose, but many people use them with great success. It is up to the consumer to ensure the colors are safe for the intended use. You may see the color regulations here. Polysorbate 80 must be added to your mix when using micas and lakes to emulsify the powder into your oils and prevent a powder ring around the tub.

Are micas natural?

There are naturally mined micas and synthetic micas. The naturally mined micas in their raw state are natural, but the pigments made to give them their bright colors are made in a lab. This means that they are NOT NATURAL. Synthetic micas are lab created to more bright and have superior clarity compared to naturally mined micas. Synthetic micas are also a great option when concerned about ethical sourcing of the material. Our Crystal Mica Collection and Mineral Glitters are all amazing synthetic micas.


 Are your micas eye safe, lip safe, ok to use in body butter, etc?

For the most part, yes. Almost all our micas are eye safe as long as they are cosmetic grade and do not state 'for soap only' in the listing. Green and blue soap stable micas for the most part are not lip safe, because the ultramarine and chromium green oxide are not approved lip safe colors. You can read about approved use of colors here.

Quick Shipping FAQ:

  • We ship to almost every country in the world. We currently do not ship to Italy, Greece, Kenya, Serbia, Nigeria, Mexico, Russia, Korea, Brazil, Japan, or New Zealand because of customs restrictions. 
  • You may calculate shipping costs by adding the desired items to your cart and using the shipping calculator on the checkout page.
  • UPS will not ship to PO boxes.
  • All colors ship free. If there is something in your cart aside from colors you will be charged shipping.
  • Allow one business day to process your order, even if express shipping is chosen.
  • UPS Express options (2 day and overnight) do not deliver on weekends.
  • Have questions? Write at support@nurturesoap.com

Signed Delivery

You have the option for signed delivery at checkout. Please choose this option if you would like to sign for your package upon delivery. Nurture Soap will not be held responsible for any lost or misdelivered items if this option is not chosen. Why? Carriers will not honor insurance claims on packages marked as delivered. Rather than raise our shipping rates to cover this expense, we give the customer the option of signed delivery. If you don't receive your package and the signed delivery option is chosen, we will replace your package immediately and file a claim with the carrier.

I didn't receive my package

We will replace the package immediately if the signed delivery option was chosen at checkout. If not, here are the steps that should be followed to find your package:

  • Check with your neighbors. It's likely that the mail carrier delivered your package to the wrong address.
  • Talk to the supervisor at your local post office if USPS was your chosen shipping method. They will be able to communicate with your mail carrier, and look on the vehicles for any deliveries that were missed.
  • If you live in an apartment complex, check with the rental office. Sometimes deliveries will be made there.
  • If these steps don't result in finding your missing package, call USPS directly at 1 (800) 275-8777 or call UPS at 1-800-PICK UPS
  • Follow the prompts until you get to the prompt where you are asked for your tracking number. Don't say anything. After a few attempts of not giving the tracking number you will be transferred to customer service. If there is a long wait, you may leave a callback number and they will call you.


Customer service may say that the shipper must file a claim, but packages marked as delivered aren't honored in the claims process. Ask them to open a case on your missing package. In some cases USPS will not allow a case to filed.

If you feel your package has been stolen, you may file a police report on the missing package.

Unfortunately UPS and USPS will not accept claims on packages marked as delivered, even if the package was insured. If the package has been marked as delivered, the carrier has (in their eyes) fulfilled their end of the bargain. This is also true in the case of the sender. We as the sender will not recoup any money by re-sending the order. This is why choosing the signed delivery option is strongly encouraged.

Coupon FAQ:

  • Abuse of coupon codes can lead to permanent ban from our site. Examples of abuse are creating multiple accounts to use coupons multiple times, sharing personal coupon codes, or using fictitious emails to gain discounts.
  • Each coupon has specific codes of use that must be followed. Examples are minimum order purchase and/or one-time use.
  • Many coupon sites will have discount codes for Nurture Soap which are not valid. All our discount codes will be issued via our site, our Facebook, or other social media/email outlets operated by Nurture Soap.
  • We strive very hard to keep our everyday prices low, and offer coupons for extra savings. Coupons codes can be gained by spinning the prize wheel on our site and other various means. We want to make shopping fun!