Carrie T. - Head Honcho - Nurture Soap Overlord

Hi there! I'm Carrie T., the founder of Nurture Soap. I've been making soap since 2003. I really love soap. I love the chemistry and artistry of it. I love that I can put the ingredients I want in it. Soap + me = love. My other hobbies are mushroom hunting, camping, gardening, spending time in the woods, caring for an excessive amount of pets (3 dogs and 5 cats), and singing bad 80's ballads at the top of my lungs to Carrie H. while she's trying to work.

I am a huge nerd. I have a bachelor's in accounting, another bachelor's in management, a master's in leadership, and am certified in adult higher learning/instructional leadership. I also love website development via html and css.

In 2012 I decided it would be a really neat idea to start testing micas for soaps. At that time they were not available, and I like soaps with lots of flair. I started sourcing colors from several different manufacturers and testing them in cold process. I found 5 colors I loved, and Nurture Soap was born. We also offered one mold - Our 2.5 pound basic mold.

Nurture Soap was started out of an empty bedroom. We quickly grew and it became clear that Nurture needed minions. Now we have six minions that are pretty great at what they do:

Minion No. 1 - Mariah T. - Filling professional

Mariah is our resident cutie patootie. She's amazing! In high school she was a tutor for kids that had a harder than average time learning. Now that she's in college, she studying business and working hard on her degree. She's minion No. 1 because she's been with Nurture since almost the start. We love you Mariah!!!

Minion No. 2 - Carrie H. - Shipping Queen

Carrie's favorite things are family (especially her sweet grandbabies) and work. Even though she won't admit it and feigns terror and runs away when it happens, she loves it when her boss sings to her! She is especially fond of her boss' rendition of Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time and Peter Frampton's Baby I love Your Way. She describes herself as an ol' fashioned country girl that loves camo. When interviewed she also stated that she is "terrific and awesome to work with." Well yes she is! Nurture would not be nearly as fun without her fun-loving spirit!

Minion No. 3 - Damian T. - Machinist and master of all things that can be built

Damian left his machinist job in the orthopedic industry to come work with Nurture full time. He is hard-working and extremely detail-oriented. He runs our in-house wood shop and will soon be making metal soap cutters for us. He's a great fit for the job! Why? Because he's the master of all things that can be built! He even machined Mary Lou Retton's hip! Damian's the man with a plan!

Minion No. 4 - Catrina - More details coming soon!

Minion No. 5 - Tia - More details coming soon!

Minion No. 6 - Raven - More details coming soon!