Huile essentielle de patchouli (foncé)


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Taille: 1 fl. oz
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Notre huile essentielle de patchouli foncé est vieillie dans des cuves en fer conférant une teinte riche et sombre à l'huile. Il est chaud, épicé, terreux et herbacé avec des notes florales-douces. En note de fond, c'est un merveilleux mélangeur, et le parfum"colle"très bien dans le savon !
  • Les huiles essentielles sont expédiées dans des flacons en verre ambré.

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Customer Reviews

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Dark Patchouli

This Patchouli is simply beautiful! A nice woodsy grounding scent. This is my EO for my Patchouli soap. Thank You Nuture Soap. Eliz.

Betsy Snell
Dark Patchouli

This is a wonderful deep Patchouli scent. I absolutely love it.

Mr. Steve
Smells great OOB

Made a small test CP batch (CB, Shea, PO, OO) about 4 days ago. Scent is not overly strong as of now. Will wait a few weeks and update on the site.


Best Patchouli Dark I have been able to find! Will purchase more.

cindy t.
Love Love Love Patchouli Oil!!

After receiving my brand new bottle of Dark Patchouli, i immediately went to the kitchen and made some soap with it and i refilled my little bottles of Dark Patchouli. Something i figured out...those little 15.99$ bottles of Patchouli i have been buying which are so very, very that i get the larger bottle of Dark Patchouli i can just refill my little bottle from it! What a concept! Now that i get this larger bottle (8oz.) of Dark Patchouli, i can relax a bit because i do have customers that love this fragrance and i do not want to get behind. i stay ahead of the game with this larger bottle of absolutely wonderful 8oz. Dark Patchouli
Dark Patchouli from Nuture Soap, i can stop throwing my money away