Blue 1 Batch Certified Lake Powder

Taille: Pot de 5 grammes
Prix réduit$2.00


Notre lac d'aluminium Blue 1 a une concentration de 36%. Cette couleur est un vrai bleu brillant et schtroumpf. Pour faciliter l'utilisation, des informations de certification de lot sont disponibles sur chaque pot de colorants et de laques vendus par Nurture Soap.

INCI: FD&C Blue No. 1 Al. Lake

Cosmetic use:
• Eyes
• Lips
• Bath Bombs
• External Use

Prop 65: This product is not on the CA Prop 65 list of toxic chemicals.

Lakes are very concentrated! A little goes a very long way. Dye can stain hands, counter tops, or anything it touches. Wear gloves and protect all work surfaces.

Cold Process Soap: Lakes are not recommended for CP soap. They tend to morph, migrate into other colors, and bleed.

Liquid & MP Soaps: Lakes can be premixed in glycerin then added to liquid and melt & pour soaps. be sure to mix very well or you may end up with colored powder speckles in your soap!

Bath Bombs: Lakes don't need to be bloomed like dyes do and they're super easy to use! Only a small amount is needed. We recommend using a .15cc mini scoop and add color slowly until you reach your desired shade. you may also premix the lake in a small amount of glycerin before adding to your bath bomb mix to prevent speckling.

Use Polysorbate 80! Polysorbate 80 should be used with lakes at half your oils to prevent a ring around the tub or staining. For example, if your oils = 3 teaspoons use 1.5 teaspoons of polysorbate 80.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 173 reviews
Shannon Duncan
Love these lake colors for bath bombs

Love these lake colors for bath bombs

Heather Biela
Works great!

I use it to color bath salts. Just three micro scoops per bath gives the water a nice bright blue color.

Super blue

A little goes a very long way, such great quality


works great and you only need a little

Love this

A really amazing vibrant blue