Doublure à pain 7,5 lb - Nouvelle version

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Ce revêtement de moule contient 88,2 onces (5,51 livres) d'huiles . La nouvelle doublure en silicone améliorée de 7,5 lb contient du silicone plus épais et plus dense. Notre doublure précédente de 7,5 lb était assez mince et ondulait parfois et devait être attachée à la boîte de moulage. Notre nouvelle doublure de 7,5 lb est parfaite!

Ces doublures subissent un processus spécial qui crée des liens polymères croisés dans le silicone pour rendre nos moules extrêmement solides et durables. En raison de ce processus, les doublures peuvent varier légèrement en taille d'un lot à l'autre. Il est fortement recommandé d'acheter des doublures et des caisses en bois en même temps pour assurer un dimensionnement précis de la doublure et de la boîte à moules en bois. Voir nos ensembles de moules complets .

Liner Specifications

• Liner Capacity: 88.2 ounces of oils
• Liner Thickness: .18 inches
• ID of Liner: 18" L x 3.5" W x 3.5" H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
7.5 loaf liner

I had to purchase another one there great for my large batches of cp soap.

Kathryn Howard
Bought one, came back in a week for a second one.

This is a flexible, but heavy sided silicone mold. You will still need a form to help it hold its shape due to the weight of the soap, but this mold is made to last. High sides are wonderful if you like to pipe on top of your bars, but still need that bit of support to help it hold its shape until unmolding. I get 13, 3cm. bars from each loaf.

Kathy Howard
Nice and tall

This mold is nice and tall at 3.5". I love to do tall soaps with embeds and this mold works perfectly. I've also used it for a standard loaf without a frosted top and by simply laying a piece of cardboard over the top, wahla you have an isolated container because the silicone on this one is nice and heavy.

Excellent liner

This is a heavy silicone liner. I cut a 3cm bar, which is perfect for getting a 'baker's dozen out of each loaf. I put the liner inside of a box to help hold it's shape and prevent the sides from bowing out from the weight of the soap. Cleans like a dream too, I like it so much I came back and ordered another.

Kaleigh Assel
Best soap mold liner ever

I have used plenty of soap molds in multiple sizes and this soap mold absolutely by far has been the best mold I have. It fits all of my soap in one so I don't have to split it up. It is really easy to clean and provides smooth crisp corners on the soap. The mold does not retain any staining or fragrance once it's cleaned. It is very flexible and easy to remove your soap from the mold.