Moule à dalle de 4 lb

✅ Mold + Liner Set

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Le revêtement de la dalle contiendra environ 60,8 onces (3,8 livres) d'huiles et produira environ 4 livres de savon. Les savons fabriqués dans la doublure de dalle peuvent être coupés à n'importe quelle largeur ou longueur que vous préférez et de nombreuses tailles différentes sont possibles. Cela ne tient qu'à toi! Les embouts du moule en bois sont amovibles afin que vous puissiez facilement retirer la doublure.

Mold Specifications

• Liner(s) Used: 4 lb Slab Liner
• Liner Capacity: 60.8 ounces of oils
• ID of Liner: 9.25" L x 6.25" W x 2.63" H

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Customer Reviews

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Carla Da Silva

I've everything I always order from you. I haven't used my 4lb slab mold but loved. Can't wait to try it . Thank you so much

4 lb Slab Mold

This mold is perfect for me. I have only been soaping for 1 year and wasn't brave enough or confident enough to go for a really large mold that uses a lot of oils ($$$$$). I love using this mold. I use this mold the most. Design possibilities are endless with a slab mold. You can cut the bars any way you want and to any size you want. With no waste at all I am able to get 18 bars, 2.125" x 3.00 x 1.2"

Perfect 4# mold

I splurged and bought this box and liner and absolutely love it. It is super easy to remove the liner and unmold soap. I used it for a bulk order of baby shower soaps.

Smaller than Expected

This mold was smaller than expected. That is my mistake and next time I will buy a larger one.

Jeri Ramirez
Love it

My new 4 pound mold I love it so much. I have used it and I am planning to use it again for my next soap. I love it