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Based on 72080 reviews
Smells wonderful!

It really does smell like the name, such a pretty flower scent! I love it!


This scent is my childhood in a bottle. I don't know how you did it but it definitely smells just like you walked outside and there is a light breeze and your nose catches the sweet scent of freshly bloomed honeysuckle. Behaved very well in my cp soap. Scent is very strong. Thank you NS for another amazing scent!

Excited to try this!

Excited to try this in oils and soaps :)

Pricey but worth it

The scent is phenomenal. Expensive but pure eo is expensive.

Perfect for soap

I love to make tea tree charcoal soap with this eo for their anti-bacterial properties!


Love pairing this with lemongrass eo :)


I love the wide selection of eo!

Love pairing with Rosemary eo

Smells incredible with rosemary eo.

Excellent paired with lavender eo

I love pairing this with lavender eo!

Perfect for room sprays

I used this in room sprays and I love the scent!

Love their eo!

I’m so glad Nurture Soap carries eo! Excited to try this one!

Sweet floral scent

Works well in cp soap. Scent holds well.

Holds well in cp soap

I love this in cp soap!

Lemony scent

I love the high citrus note! Smells so lemon-y!

Perfect in cp soap

Works well in cold process soap!

Clean scent

Smells great! Popular among male customers :)

Perfect scooping mica powders

Perfect size for fine powders.

I’ve bought this 5 times so far!

So many uses for this one—I use it to get a nice tan color

Purple with a punch

Looking for a Brighter purple? Use this!

Buy it! Ahhhh!!!

Such a great way to try so many neons.

Beautiful peacock!

So many uses for this greenish blue.

Love this one!

It’s an aqua color of blue + green

Nice emerald green.

Beautiful shade of green

Forest green

Nice forestry color

Super sparkly gold!

Beautiful shimmery gold