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Based on 68286 reviews

I used this to make candles, and let me tell you it was a HUGE HIT!
I sold a dozen to a repeat customer I didn't even have my booth fully straightened and she was rushing over.

Amazing winter FO

behaves awesome in my CP soap and has great retention.

Gives my soap a brilliant white!

great quality!

Perfect blend

Makes a great bar of soap and super convenient!

Makes you smile

Nice & clean scent. One of customers favorite.


I wanted a more penny like color,just added a little fire cider to this and boom, i got my color

Well behaved

Smells sweet and nostalgic, behaved real well in CP no acceleration, discoloration or seizing

Cottongrass Fragrance Oil
Danelle Brashear
Special Customer

Not my favorite but it is for one of my customers who hunts me down at craft shows to purchase. She buys quite a few bars so I try to keep in stock just for her.

Cavalier Fragrance Oil
Danelle Bradhear
Not my favorite

Not a smell for me but I have customers who like it.


I use this mold often. Soap comes out with ease.


Not one of my best sellers but I have customers who love it.


Use in VP soap. Not one of my top sellers but I have those customers that love it.


Use in CP soap. One of my best sellers.


Use in CP soap. One of my best sellers.


One of my best sellers

Nice Christmas Scent

A sweet pine fragrance. It's nice an crisp. Perfect for what I was looking for!

Strong scent

This scent is strong, Jasmine is overwhelmed which is disappointing but mixed with patchouli made a great combo. Great quality and fast shipping is always appreciated!

Glitter Spray Pump
Amanda Rosario
Muy bueno

Me encanta.

Summer Crush Mica
Sad to see it go

I buy more of this every time I order since once it's gone it's gone. This is a nice basic coral to keep in your supply. I'll be sad when it's gone for good.

Oleander Mica
Came back for more and it's all gone!

I love, love, love this mica. It's so versatile. I use it to color lotions/scrubs and for CP soap. For CP, I like mixing in a tiny bit of light pink mica (any will do) to take the shade just a bit deeper. I came back to buy a larger size and it's all gone! I hope it's not gone for good - that would be a travesty.

Mix with blue and get a rich dark teal

I mixed this with a blue mica and got the richest, deepest teal blue. So beautiful. Result is great for ocean theme soaps. By itself, it reminds me of a pine tree forest. Rich green.

Cantaloupe Mica
Perfect for body products and soap

I like lotions & scrubs with a hint of color, enough to see but not enough to transfer, and cantaloupe fills the bill. I won't be without this one. Next order will be for the 4oz. I like this one mixed with a little Oleander as well.

Mimosa Mica
Beautiful Golden Yellow

I've been searching for a golden shade of yellow without it being metallic and think I've found it with Mimosa. It's that rich golden color like the paint that was so popular in the early 2000s.

Nice Teal

This may be my favorite teal for CP soap. It's just a good teal color. I don't know how else to say it. I'll never be without it!

Crisp clean scent

I bought this for my winter line, but found it wasn't the pine woods in the snow scent I was looking for. However, it does have a slightly crisp, wintery scent, just 'sweeter' than I'd like.