True Red Trio Red Mica Set de muestra

Precio de venta$4.50


Nuestro True Red Trio Red Mica Set es un rojo con base de naranja. Piensa en la lata de café Folgers roja. ¿La mejor parte de este conjunto? No migrará. Alguna vez. Es un rojo brillante hermosamente estable y verdadero en todo tipo de jabones.

Para obtener el tinto más fácil de usar, pruebe nuestra Trial by Fire Mica Blend . ¡Está premezclado y es súper fácil de usar! Este juego de muestra viene en 2 bolsas de 5 gramos de mica y un frasco de 5 gramos de pigmento de neón.

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Customer Reviews

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Red, red, red

Well I’m an idiot because I didn’t know to mix them. I loved them by themselves but didn’t realize I needed to mix the reds. I need a true red for a candy Cane design. They are beautiful anyway.

Gwendolyn Price
Red Mica

I honestly haven’t tried the trio together but I am in love with Nurture soap supplies and often share information about how wonderful they are in my social media post. I have tried Trial by Fire red and is extremely satisfied with it.


Trail by fire is also a good red I used this one and the red neon there so bright in soap you can’t really till I used two different colors they blend good I will be ordering more


Perfect way to figure out what reds to buy. Red is always hard for me because it always tends to look pink. This set was very helpful to help me figure this out. And inexpensive. I used all of them to make my rainbow soap. 10/10

A little hard to use

Even when it said it was equal parts, i couldnt get the real red i was looking for! Tried mixing by grams and by spoons, but still didnt get the trial by fire red!