Dióxido de titanio

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Existen diferencias en el dióxido de titanio de diferentes fuentes. Nuestro dióxido de titanio es 99,9% puro y apto para uso alimentario. Debido a su calidad superior, funciona mejor que cualquier otro TD que hayamos probado. Nuestro TD es soluble en agua.

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INCI: Titanium Dioxide
Micron Size: 2-4 (non-nano)

Cosmetic use:
• Eyes
• Lips
• Bath Bombs
• External Use

Ideal for:
• Soap
• Resin
• Crafts
• Lotion
• Butters
• Wax Melts
• Nail Polish

Prop 65: Titanium dioxide (airborne, unbound particles of respirable size) is on the Proposition 65 list because it can cause cancer. Exposure to titanium dioxide may increase the risk of cancer. Once incorporated into a liquid or solid base it is no longer airborne and falls off the Prop 65 list.

• Use rate in cold & hot process soaps: 1-2 teaspoons per pound of oils.
• Use rate in melt & pour soaps: .5 teaspoons per pound of oils.

To blend our water-soluble TD put a small amount of TD in a mixing cup or container and add hot water. This TD dissolves very easily. A ratio of 1 part TD to 1/2 part water is generally sufficient to disperse the TD fully. Use up to a ratio of 1:1 to disperse if needed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 609 reviews
The best TD

I always read about people having trouble with their TD not mixing or leaving their soap with specks. I have never had a single issue with this. Yes, like all TD, it does accelerate trace, but I know that and plan for it. But it mixes so easily with just a bit of warm water, and creates a lovely, smooth white color.

Best TD out there!

This TD mixes so easily with water instead of oil and does not even require a lot of water.

Titanium Dioxide

This is a must for your products. Greatly needed for a white coloring. I recommend.

Grant Dubak

Order shipped very quickly, couldn’t be more pleased with the final product of my soap

So easy to use

I've used TD from other suppliers that seemed grainy/chunky, no matter how much I ground it down. This TD blends so smoothly, and my cold process soap looks so evenly white (versus the weird splotchiness I could get from other TD). Easy to use for multiple applications; I'm a huge fan so far!