Kit de inicio de jabón de proceso en frío


Precio de venta$93.65


¿Alguna vez has querido hacer tu propio jabón artesanal pero no sabías por dónde empezar? Si es así, ¡este kit es para ti! ¡Aprenda a hacer jabón con ingredientes y fragancias de la más alta calidad con instrucciones fáciles de seguir y la ayuda de un experto!

¡Cada kit es suficiente para hacer dos barras de tu propio jabón hecho a mano! Eliminamos las conjeturas al hacer jabón con nuestros kits.

Las instrucciones y las recetas estarán en un enlace en la página de pago . De esta manera, puede reunir todos los suministros adicionales necesarios con anticipación, como un tazón grande para mezclar.

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    Customer Reviews

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    ashley justice
    Overall feedback

    Overall, Nurture Soap appears to be a reputable company with a strong commitment to quality and customer service. If you're interested in soap making supplies, it's definitely worth checking out their website.

    Leonard Lengel
    Cold soap starter kit

    This is a very good kit to get you started it has everything you need except goat milk to make soap

    Renee Rose
    Absolutely Amazing !!!

    I purchased this soap kit because I’ve been interested in trying my hand at homemade soaps for years now! Nurture soap’s cold process starter kit is a great price compared to other kits I’ve looked at and I felt comfortable, not overwhelmed with the products and ingredients in this kit. I also love that recipe instructions were sent with it. After unboxing, I noticed everything was so well packaged, they even wrapped the top of the oil so that it remained sealed during shipping and I really appreciate that. Thank you Nurture soap for helping me begin my soap making journey, I will be ordering from you again !!

    Ashley Ulmer
    First Time Cold Process

    As an overall kit it’s great.. there is no limit to what you can create with this starter kit. Although there may not be any bright colors, they do give you colors that you don’t have to worry if their skin safe. As a 1st time cold process maker, I’m happy with my overall purchase. Would buy again.

    Love Love Love

    These kits are great! I love the premixed oil blend included. A good way to learn how to make soap.