Molde básico de 7.5 lb - Nueva versión

✅ Mold + Liner Set

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Nuestro molde de jabón básico de 7,5 libras tiene capacidad para 88,2 onzas (5,51 libras) de aceites. Tiene orificios en la parte inferior de la caja del molde de madera para ayudar a empujar fácilmente el revestimiento. Este molde cuenta con un revestimiento de silicona de grado alimenticio. Está hecho a través de un proceso de moldeado especial que da como resultado una silicona que no se rasga ni se estira con el tiempo como otros tipos de latas de silicona.

Esta es nuestra NUEVA VERSIÓN . El nuevo forro de 7,5 lb tiene un grosor de 0,18"y es considerablemente más resistente que nuestro forro anterior. Este molde no encaja en nuestros forros más antiguos.

Mold Specifications

• Liner(s) Used: 7.5 lb Loaf Liner
• Liner Capacity: 88.2 ounces of oils
• Liner Thickness: .18 inches
• ID of Liner: 18" L x 3.5" W x 3.5" H
• Finished Soap Capacity: 18 - 1" bars

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Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Take you soap to the next level.

These molds are such a time saver, No more making liners from freezer wrap, It makes your soap look so professional and takes it to the next level. I have 6 and just ordered 5 more! Love them.

My favorite mold

As my business continues to grow, I needed a bigger mold and this fits the bill. It fits perfectly on my multibar cutter. Liner is nice and thick which holds up batch after batch

great starter set

I ordered two of these molds with the boxes and loved using them in my workshop. easy to unmold, cleans up really well. worth the investment

Large and in charge

I absolutely love the mold. So far I have 4 and they have helped at great deal with scaling my batch sizes. I love the large bar of soap it makes because my customers can cut the bars in half and get more use out of their soap. And the price is just right for my small business

Large, but Useful!

At first I thought this mold was way too large for my soaps, but then I found a use for it! In the end, its not my standard but I love having this larger size option.