Molde de silicona de 25 cubos

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¡Nuestro molde de jabón de silicona de 25 cubos es uno de nuestros moldes de jabón favoritos! Los jabones hechos en este molde no solo tienen una forma asombrosa, sino que este molde también es absolutamente versátil. Lo usamos para pruebas de fragancia y color porque cada cavidad se puede llenar individualmente con diferentes aromas y colores. Puede llenar solo una parte del molde o todo el molde, haciendo hasta 125 onzas (casi 8 libras) de jabón. No necesita soporte y es muy resistente por sí solo.

Para la liberación más fácil de jabón en este molde, se debe usar lactato de sodio . Deje que el jabón se endurezca por completo antes de intentar liberar el jabón de las cavidades individuales de este molde. Para soltar los cubos de jabón, dé la vuelta al molde y ejerza una presión suave en cada cuadrado individual. ¡El jabón se libera como un sueño de esta manera!

Mold Specifications

• ID of each Cavity: 2.125" x 2.125" x 1.75" H
• Cavity Capacity: 3.16 ounces of oils each

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Perfect mold for Salt Soaps!

Excellent size and perfect squares!

Great Molds

These are great molds there are 2 things I would suggest to people who are going to use them. 1 is using for cp use sodium lactate to harden the bars its crucial. and 2. Let sit atleast 48 hours before trying to take them out or you'll smash in the top of the bars and they come out a wavy mess. My recipe general hardens pretty fast. For some reason it takes it longer to harden in these molds. I do like them though.


I love this mold ! Worked out great for sea salt bars and looking forward to making other square cube soaps.


I was excited to get this mold. The first few times I used it I only used one row and used MP soap for xmas extras in my holiday gift boxes. Second time I used it to make marble CP using two rows. This time I filled all of the mold and 2 days later still couldn't get them all out. The ones I did get out had finger tip marks on them. By the time I got them out I was exhausted and each one of them had a defect from my pushing on the mold. Won't use it again. It's a nice concept but bad delivery. It should have a solid row between the rows to help open it up more.

So hard to remove

I thought this would be a fun shape for soap and it is, except for the dents in the soap from trying to get them out. I used sodium lactate as recommended and let it cure a bit longer(2days) and it was still so hard to remove. Anyone wanna buy some molds?