Molde Premium de 2.5 lb

✅ Mold + Liner + Lid Set

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Nuestro molde de jabón premium de 2,5 libras tiene capacidad para 31,5 onzas (1,96 libras) de aceites. Tiene lados removibles y una tapa transparente para ver el jabón mientras gelifica. La tapa limita el contacto con el aire durante la saponificación reduciendo las cenizas en los jabones. Este molde cuenta con un revestimiento de silicona de grado alimenticio. Está hecho a través de un proceso de moldeado especial que da como resultado una silicona que no se rasga ni se estira con el tiempo como otros tipos de latas de silicona.

Mold Specifications

• Liner(s) Used: 2.5 lb Loaf Liner
• Liner Capacity: 31.5 ounces of oils
• Liner Thickness: .13 inches
• ID of Liner: 9" L x 3.5" W x 2.5" H
• Finished Soap Capacity: 9 - 1" bars

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
the BEST mold EVER

I am totally in love with this mold. It is SO easy to use, the wooden frame prevents the soap from bulging in the silicone liner so you can get perfectly rectangular soaps. The plexiglass cover is great especially if you are trying to make sure the soap goes through gel phase. It is very easy to get the liner out of the wooden frame, and to get the soap out of the liner since it is quite flexible. Liner is also easy to clean and I have not noticed any residue remaining on the silicone, unlike almost every other silicone mold I own from other companies! Everything about this just looks and feels sturdy and I think it will last for many more years.

Melanie L

if you’re looking for a good high-quality mold then I highly recommend you try this one out it’s made out of durable silicone and I also like the clear viewing window so you can watch your soap as it gel‘s.

Hiba Ahmed
My favorite mold set🌷

OMG 🧼I bought a lot of molds but this one is my favorite so far, very easy to work with and extremely well made set!!

The only mold I use

By far worth the money! I tried other molds and they bowed or they wouldn't release the soap, or they left me with uneven bars. Once I started using this mold I've never looked back. Perfect bars every time, clean release from the mold and no wonky shapes. The silicon liner doesn't fold at all, so no need to secure it for pouring either. Getting ready to invest in more sizes and the dividers too!

Robin Fleet

Love this mold’s size and ease of use. Perfect for hobbyists like me