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Doesn't disappoint

I really love this. Better than expected

I love this scent.

My house smells like jolly ranchers.

I don't know which I love more..the color or the name

I love this color, and what a gorgeous name.

beautiful red

This is a gorgeous bright red. I love this color.

True Lemon Scent

If you are looking for a true lemon scent, this is it.

oh my gawd

this is one of the best smells ever. It is so light and fresh. I could smell it all day long.

This is what I was looking for

This is what I was looking for . Purple Vibrance is a must have for any collection.

This red is on FIRE

This firecracker Red is very vibrant red. I LOVE this color, would make perfect Christmas or Valentines soap. It is THE RED! Impressive, holds true in cp soap.

back for more

This is my second order and I wish I had ordered the larger blend package. Good combination of oils. Excellent lather. Saves time and lets you get to the fun part of soapmaking. Will always keep a package of this blend on hand. Any chance of creating a blend with butters?

Real good staple pink

This is a really pretty pink. I did a varying shade pink cp soap using Amaranth pink and titanium oxide It works really well or "Plays" really well together. I really do like this pink alot.

Nice white

Makes whites whiter. Used in a red white and blue soap and winter white made the other colors pop. Will definitely use this in place of titanium dioxide (TD). Worth trying as an alternative to TD.

Love Lavender

Can't get enough lavender. This is the perfect compliment to my lavender soap bars. Haven't used it yet but smells wonderful OOB!

Love it

Just received this one and will be using it as part of a men's collection. Not a strong scent but an inviting one. Will blend with Cavalier FO... Should be a big seller!!

Bright and beautiful

I had to try this shade after seeing many soaper videos using this color. Beautiful. This is now a must-have in my mica collection.


Perfect shade of blue in July 4th soaps.

The real deal

Just received this one and it smells like warm cinnamon. Bought this based on the reviews and will go in holiday soaps. Love your scents and micas. Your turnaround time is unbeatable!

Amazing scent

This is a wonderful scent. I will continue to buy it for my soap.


This color is so lovely in soaps. Love the deep purple.

Maiden Rose

This is an absolute beautiful Rose fragrance. It smells wonderful and performed like a dream in my cp soap without discoloration. For a floral I was expecting to have acceleration but there was none. I worked faster but it really wasn’t necessary. I’ll definitely purchase this one again, definitely a keeper.


Mixed well.. no complaints here. Definently will order again.


I'm in love with this fragrance. Next time I will add a bit less than I did because it is very strong. But overall I love this one. Behaved beautifully.

Love it

I've done both a bright purple and a lighter. Both came out wonderful. This purple is a must have!

Great red!

I used this as one of the two reds in my Strawberry Lemonade soap to test how it comes out before using in a upcoming soap where the quality of red matters. It looks great! such a wonderful and strong red. In the soap I made, its the brighter more vibrant red while the other red was a merlot type red.

Very nice

Blends well with essential oils and other fragrances

Sunshine In a bag!

This yellow is beautiful! I can’t wait to soap with it in the next couple of days!