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Awesome in CP Soap!

I love this scent so much that I’m adding it to my regular line. The first launch of it sold out and one of my customers asked for it for wedding shower favors. Winner!!

Rush Shipping
Jasmine Harris
Why not

This is my go to like why not it’s only $6 and completely wealth every penny, lots of other companies take forever not nurture soap ! I ordered at 10am on Monday and got my package Wednesday evening!!!

Emerald Green Mica
Jasmine Harris
Tiffany Blue

This is so giving me vibes of Tiffany blue !!!

Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil

The smell is amazing.

Trial by Firein Seychelles

I received my order only yesterday. I am in the Seychelles and it do take time to arrived. i am excited to use and i will forward a better review when i use it.. thank you for all the lovely products.

.15 cc Mini Scoop
Katherine Haan

These little scoops are so handy. I just clean them off and reuse them until they get too stained.

Classic withan Invigorating hit!

Classic Cucumber melon scent like from Bed Bath and BodyWorks Liquid Soaps. It has a really clean and inhalable quality to it which I like. I'm going to experiment with my next batch but last time I used it, it did fade quite a bit over time, but maybe it the essential oils, or i didn't use enough hehe, it was like my 5th soap! Im going to do 1 oz for 25 oz of wet soap so well see how this goes!

Satsuma Orange Fragrance Oil
Anush Dulgaryan Bruno
My go to scent

I have bought this several times. I love this orange scent. Smells like real oranges.


I love these two scents separately, but do not like them together. It kind of reminds me of baby powder, which I can't stand the smell of. My customers seem to like it okay though.

Sambucus Fragrance Oil
Anush Dulgaryan Bruno
Green plant scent

I made a mushroom soap with this. Smells like fresh green plants. Love it.


I used this to make little balls on the top of my soap frosting. I love how quickly these dried!

My go-to soap blend!

This soap blend makes lovely, creamy soap. It’s my absolute favorite!

Great Fragrance

Really nice cool fragrance It has a sugar plum, kinda sweet, musky, and also dessert succulent like vibe to it. It really is one of my favorites from Nurture! it also smells different in the bottle for me compared to after, it has a more cocoa sugar syrup smell in the bottle for me and then it has a bloom after, with vanilla, flower, and something purple lol!

Cinnamon Supreme Fragrance Oil
Anush Dulgaryan Bruno
Perfect fall scent

Cinnamon with orange, cranberries or chocolate, you name it. Beautiful to be used in fall soaps. I am very happy with this fragrance.

Juicy Pear

This fragrance oil smells amazing! It's a sweet juicy pear just like the name, and the scent is strong in cold process soap. Will order again,

Autumn Equinox Fragrance Oil
Anush Dulgaryan Bruno
Velvety scent

This reminds me of forest scents, beautiful and velvety.

Beautiful glitter safe for bathbombs

I bought this for bath bombs. It is a bath safe product and I am very happy to get a product that is beautiful and safe for skincare use.

Fire Cider Mica
Angela SICARD-Benson
Nice fall color

Made a great caramel color for my caramel apply scented soap.

Black Pearl Mica
Angela SICARD-Benson
Makes a nice silver color

I accidentally used half the recommended amout. (I grabbed a smaller measuring spoon on accident.) Anyways, I am still very happy with the result. It made a pretty silvery color for one of my Halloween inspired scents.

Firecracker Mica
Angela SICARD-Benson
Pretty Red

Pretty red. Used in a fall scented soap. I will use it again for sure.

Alpine Green Mica
Angela SICARD-Benson
Beautiful color

This is such a beautiful green. I used it for a scent call Mystical Woods. Matched perfectly for what I pictured in my head.

Orange Marmalade Mica
Angela SICARD-Benson
A perfect orange for pumpkin

I used this in my CPOP pumpkin soap. It turned out such a pretty orange. The perfect orange for pumpkins.


I really like this one. It's only 10 days into cure, but the scent is still strong. It behaved very well too and hasn't discolored my soap.

Avalon Fragrance Oil
Amber Whitener
Soft yet strong

This is a great apple scent. I mainly smell apple with a hint of what smells like green grapes. It's sweet, soft, and clean.

4" Silicone Soap Mold
Amber Whitener
Great test mold

This is a great little mold to test scents or recipes. It's strong enough to stay upright on it's own, even when full, and my loaf slides out well if I push up from the bottom.