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Nice and Sturdy

Mold is nice and sturdy. It's a nice size for making sample soaps when trying out new scents..


Definitely reminds me of a lush smell. Amazing fragrance. Well balanced and super well behaved in soap. Buying more now!


Although it takes a certain technique to unmold my soaps, the thickness of this mold is solid, and my soaps are wonderfully straight and not bulging. Love the sliding lids. Everything about it great!

A true black!

A must have for those who paint bath bombs. I mix a little Polysorbate 80 for a smoother finish. Works for airbrushing too! Nurture soap is my go to place for most of my Colorants!


This fragrance smelled good out of the bottle. I made oatmeal soap and this smell held up in the soap. Will be buying a bigger bottle

Great black

When I first added this mica, I though it was going to disappoint me because it looked great but after 24 hours and when it was time to cut, I looked wonderful.

Great set

So far I’ve used the queen of hearts and orange vibrance and both of these colors pop. The work so well in soap. This is a wonderful set at a great price to try new colors

Just buy it

This is delicious oob. It does smell like apricots, but then like peaches. Oh yes, I need the big bottle of this one!

Devilish Delight!

Don't be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone. I'm so glad I did and I am in love with this dark and smoky yet spicy but still very earthy scent and I am looking forward to making my calderon of flames CP soap. 🔥 🔥 🔥

Elusive perfection

It isn’t like anything I’ve smelled before and so hard to describe. A subtle floral with a bit of a woodsy note, some powder and a dry finish like a nice oaky Chardonnay...I think.

Pretty Pink

I used this mica for sugar scrub cubes and loved the color. It was a very nice pink and also had a nice shimmer to it. I will be using this one again

Nice Navy

At first I didn’t thing I would like the color. I kept adding more mica and it just was not giving me what I was looking for but after waiting for my soap to be ready for cutting, I fell in love with the color. I added a gold mica line to it. This color will be purchased again .

Sultry scent

Wow, this scent should be rated R! It is Uber sexy and alluring. It is a spot on BBW dupe.

Just what I was looking for

I made bubble scoops using this turquoise lake as well as the green lake. The bubble scoops were beautiful and I was in love with the water. I will be purchasing this again.

Beautiful vibrant green

I added this lake to my bubble scoops and it was very nice. A little does go a long way to. The bath water was so pretty.

Green With Envy

This is such a pretty mica and I am absolutely smitten with how my Nurture "White Tea & Pear soap turned out.


I smell the orange with some spiciness added in. It kind of reminds me of ylang ylang, go figure. I think it is a great unisex scent to keep in my rotation.


This blackberry has less zing/tartness than Blackberry Bliss. It is more of a deep dark overripe juicy blackberry that will drip down your chin when you bite it.

Bevvy of Blue

Hands down this is the best hue of true blue 💙 around, best one on the market as far as I am concerned, I have tried so many different blues and will be sticking with this one, this will be my go-to blue going forward. Thanks Nurture Soap!

Love this fragrance

I used this fragrance in some bubble scoops and I love, love, love it. I’m going back for a bigger bottle so I can make other items.


This is a great summer blackberry. It has a nice tartness that gives it perfect balance. This will smell great alone and will blend well also.

Perfect Autumn Mica

I used this color for contrast along with their Orange Vibrance to make my CP soap along with Nurture's Pumpkin Party fo, it is a really nice fall color, will buy again.

Spa in a bottle

This is a beautiful lavender spa scent. The herbal scents meld so well with the lavender. It’s not your grandmother’s lavender. A+

Pleasantly surprised

I’m not a big patchouli fan so I got this, based on reviews alone. I actually like it! It does smell like clean incense, a little hippy but not too much.

Southern girl approved

Yes! This smells just like tea with a whisper of floral. It makes me want some tea right now.