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Based on 70986 reviews

love it!


Very beautiful color in CP soap. I'm happy!

a really good scent

The scent is wonderful. It seems to stay with the soap after curing which is great.

The best mold

I finally got my 12lb mold that I've had on my wish list. This makes it easy for me to increase the amount of product I can make. The mold is wonderful. It's not green like my other one but white. It's the best mold to use to make cold process soap.


Beautiful relaxing homey scent. Perfect around holidays or any day. Will reorder.

Will reorder

Lovely scent of caramel and honey. No strong overpowering scent and lasts in the soap. The scent does not disappear. I used in melt and pour and can’t wait to try in CP

Love it!!!

I didn’t notice discoloration in my cp soap. Love the scent of vanilla!!!

Very pleasant

A very nice scent for men, it does very well in soap. Many likes in this house!

Very good for men’s soap

Love the men’s line. So far all my purchases for men have been very high end in scents. Not a cheap strong drowning in chemicals scent at all.

Men’s scents a must

If your making soaps please include this in your soap line. Very rich and clean. A+++

Orange LOVE IT

I dont know why but this scent brings me back to Florida AND a bath and body works scent I used to purchase. This is a keeper. I used in soap.

Loving this scent

I have yet to dislike so far any of these scents. This scent is beautiful and not overpowering. Very good quality.Will order more - I used or soap

Very nice scent

This fragrance has a creamy cinnamon scent to it. It is very pleasant and not overwhelming. It smells like you have been baking in the kitchen using cinnamon. I would definitely buy this scent again. Nurtures soap does an excellent job with scents holding in bar soap.

Love it

This is a great scent. I use to have a rose bush next to my window and every spring it smelt so beautiful when it would begin to bloom. This scent takes me back, absolute must have. Smells like the real deal.

Star showers

Love it, very unique!

Pretty spring grass color

I use this for a flower field in my soaps as the grass portion and it's the perfect, cheerful grass color that contrasts nicely with the colors i use for the flowers. It even maintains a bit of shimmer in cold process, so be aware of that if it's something you don't want, but I like it!

The best TD

I always read about people having trouble with their TD not mixing or leaving their soap with specks. I have never had a single issue with this. Yes, like all TD, it does accelerate trace, but I know that and plan for it. But it mixes so easily with just a bit of warm water, and creates a lovely, smooth white color.

Great sparkle

I love to swirl this with dark blues to make a sparkly night sky. It's beautiful and the sparkle definitely sticks even in cold process soap.

true lilac

This smells exactly like fresh lilacs. It does accelerate somewhat in cold process soap like most florals, but not so much that it makes unusable. Just plan accordingly. The perfect lilac scent makes it worth using!

sweet and crisp

I love this scent. It's sweet and crisp and lovely. Behaves perfectly in cold process soap

perfect yellow

I got this as a sample with an order and I'm so glad I did. this makes a great bold yellow/gold but if used in a small amount makes the perfect butter yellow color. I will definitely be buying more

smells clean

I use this scent when I teach soapmaking for the first time. it always smells clean and behaves.

Great color pay off!

this color is so beautiful! It looks like mermaid water just beautiful!

True to Scent Title

I can smell the rainbow with this fragrance oil! I used this for my second ever batch of CP soap and it behaved really well. My use rate was 5% and the scent has held up beautifully after 3 months.

Super mold!

I'm a new soaper and other than a couple of 4 inch silicone molds, this was the first "full size" mold I bought. So glad that I did! The handles are a great help for getting the mold out of the wood box, and I had no problems at all getting my soap out.