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Awesome Gold!

Maya gold creates such a nice, rich tan color. I love using it for a sand color for beach soaps


Are you looking for the most perfect glitter? Look no further! This one is amazing! I used it to top my Easter Bunny Bum soaps and holy moly it made them POP! It did stick to my silicone molds (and the wooden box too), so next time I'll probably put painters tape over the sides because it was a pain to clean, but absolutely worth it! I found that cleaning the silicone with rubbing alcohol worked best, but took several passes with a clean cloth/alcohol to get most of it. But again, worth it!


A fun, fruity, sweet scent that doesn't discolor? Sign me up! I love this one and it pairs really well with some of my really fun colorful designs!

Surprised me!

This FO really surprised me. I was looking for something to use in a beer soap (one that looked like beer with the design), but I couldn't find an actual beer FO that I wanted, so decided to try this one. This was for a St. Patrick's Day soap, and as a non-drinker myself, I wasn't sure how I would like a booze-inspired FO, but this one is really nice. It is warm and woody and I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't experience any acceleration or ricing and used it in the "body" of the beer soap that was going to be brown anyways as it discolors a little, then topped it with a white "foam". I did not have any discoloration travel to the unscented foam portion, which is great.

Such a fun green!

This green is so bright and fun, I love it! I mix it with a little olive oil before adding it to my soap batter, and I haven't had any clumping issues. It is very true to what you see in the powdered form, and translates great to CP soap!

Smells so real!

This Lilac FO smells so authentic, i love it! It's been a really big hit with my customers as well. I think it smells just like the real thing, and didn't experience any acceleration that can be common with florals. Definitely going to be ordering this one again!

Really nice!

I was a bit nervous abut this FO due to other reviews but thought I'd give it a go anyways, and thank goodness I did! I didn't have any acceleration or ricing and was able to do a beautiful hanger swirl with several colors. It behaved beautifully. I'll add a picture of the soap, it's one of my favorites!

Kashmir Mica

Amazing blue color, one of my favorites.

Sahara Gold Mica

The best golden colorant for me.

Cucumber Melon Fragrance Oil


Smells great! Very citrusy and turned out great.

Smells amazing but...

It did accelerate a lot once I added in the oil, could barely blend my colors. Does smell good although.

Shimmer Gold Mica
Carla Da Silva

I love all the soap micas and the fragrances I bought there !! Thanks

A little disappointed

First, let me say that Nurture Soap is an amazing company! Customer service is awesome, free shipping is the best, fast shipping, product quality is over the top! However, I ordered a soap cutter as we needed a 1" multi-bar cutter. The front edge is too short. When soap is cut it naturally leans forward a bit and the front hdpe piece digs into the soap bar. Needs to be a bit taller to keep the soap from leaning, hence, digging into the corner.

Nice tropical mixer

I used Seven Isles mixed equally with New Beginnings (I didn't have enough of each to make a big loaf I was planning), and it turned out great! The tropical notes of Seven Isles mixed so nicely with the earthy vibes of the New Beginnings. It was really unique and a big hit.

My favorite floral!

I absolutely love this fragrance! It smells so so good and very authentic. It is a perfect spring fragrance, smells just like real flowers, but in a subtle, not overpowering way

Nice manly FO

This is a really nice, manly fragrance. It soaps perfectly, no acceleration or discoloration. I have only made one loaf of soap with it so far, but I had a customer specifically request it after receiving a Temptation sample, so thats a good sign! I would say its more on the mild side than a bold fragrance

Fan favorite!

My customers and I LOVE this fragrance! It smells so nice, like a warm fruity (but not too fruity) green-ish fragrance. It's hard to describe but I was very happy with it. Soaped perfectly too!

Sneaky fave!

I was hesitant with this one fearing that it would smell like peppermint, but it doesn't. Yes, it smells minty, but its not an overpowering. Maybe that is the addition of the rosemary, I'm not sure, but I liked it a lot and it sold out quickly so clearly my customers liked it too!

Really nice!

I wasn't sure how I would feel about this one, but as soon as I opened the bottle, I really liked it! Then using it, I like it even more! The vanilla adds a nice touch but this FO somehow doesn't discolor (no vanillin) which is a huge bonus! Plus it soaped really well, no acceleration at all!

Perfect mold!

I LOVE this mold! It makes 18-1" bars and they have a nice heft to them. They are noticeably larger than the bars that the T&S molds make (which is fine, obviously, and known as long as you read the dimensions), and I really like the larger size. My business is growing, so this mold has come in handy allowing me to make more soap during one session. Soap comes out of the mold easily, and I have not had any issues with the silicone warping at all.


These Neons are absolutely amazing in CP soap! They come out so bright and vibrant, and very true to what the color looks like in powder form. I mix the powder with a little olive oil and whip it with a milk frother to avoid clumps since they are pigment blends and I haven't had any issue with undispersed color. Highly recommend!

number 1

best for everything

Really great scent

I blended this one to give it a fruity pop, but even on its own its really nice. Behaved very well in cold process soap. Im ordering it again, and making it part of my regular line!

Royal Vibes

I do truly love this royal blue! However, I did slightly increase my usage amount to acquire my desired shade. This blue is beautiful.