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10" Silicone Soap Mold

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Our 10" silicone loaf soap mold is perfect for beginners and professional soap makers alike. The sides are reinforced to prevent bowing so no support is needed. It is polished on the inside to release easily and give your soap a polished look.

Liner Capacity 36 ounces of oils
ID of Liner 10" L x 3 5/8" W x 2 1/4" H
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Food Grade Silicone No

Customer Reviews

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Works great!

I needed more molds so I ordered 2. A month later I ordered 2 more. The silicone is sturdy enough to hold without a frame with perfect release of soap. I feel like it also holds the perfect amount of soap!

Bummed out by this mold

When I poured my batter into it, it bowed out. :-( I had to put books on both sides of it to hold it in so I didn't end up with warped soap. Since then my dear hubby made me a mold holder so it's much easier to use. I do like that the ease of not having to line a wooden mold but wish it didn't bow.

Another great product from this company

It all started when I purchased two 4" silicone molds from this company and really loved it. After that I have been extremely satisfied with everything I've ordered from Nurture Soap so far. Now that I am moving to bigger batches, I made sure to get my mold from the same company. Its stiff enough but not too much to make it difficult to remove the soap. My loaf comes out straight unlike what you would get with molds that are too soft. And as a bonus, its so easy to clean!

Great quality!

The mold is nice and sturdy and easy to work with I love it!

10" Silicone Soap Mold

I have found that adding Sodium Lactate helps in a smoother loaf ( 1 tsp per pound ) when using these types of molds. Works perfect Love it!! Thanks so much!

Customer Reviews

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