Soap Cutters

These soap cutters rise far and above any other on the market. Made with powder-coated steel and hdpe, they are completely washable and and works of art to behold. Available in 4 custom colors and many different sizes, you will be sure to find a cutter that suits your soapy personality!

We offer custom spacing on our cutters from 1 to 2 inches wide. Because our cutters are custom made to order, they take up to 6Ā weeks to ship. Please consider this when ordering your cutter. If you order other items with your cutter, they will ship at the same time. If you would like your other items sooner, please consider placing two separate orders.

This is a customĀ made item. Soap cutters take up to six weeks to ship. If choosing a custom spaci...
From $360.00
We offer the highest quality steel strings for use with our soap cutters. They are offered in pac...
From $6.00
This blade is thick and will not wobble or bend when cutting soaps. It perfect when wanting to cu...
This soap blade will cut a wavy pattern into your soaps. Stainless steel with wooden handle.

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