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Soap Colorants

Take your soap to the next level using our soap colorants: Micas, dyes, pigments, natural colors, and glitters. We offer a wide variety of colors all tested in cold process soap!

+ What are the best colorants for soap?

Micas and pigments will make the brightest colors in soap. Micas are the easiest colors to mix and use in cold process. They can be added directly or mixed in oil before adding to soap. Most pigments should be mixed in oil first to prevent speckling. Exceptions to this are our Titanium Dioxide, which is water soluble and should be mixed in hot water until fully dissolved before adding to soap. Natural colors are great choices, but can be a bit trickier to work with. We offer several colors of clays that work exceptionally well for naturally coloring soaps. Dyes and lakes aren't recommended for cold process. They will morph, bleed, and fade.

+ How to get vibrant colors

The most important factor in getting true and vibrant color is to start with base oils that are as white as possible. A great example is the Nurture Soap Making Blend that we formulated to be used with color. Green and yellow oils will affect color results. The whiter the base, the brighter the color. Gelling your soap will help the colors pop even more. Don't add Titanium Dioxide to make a white base! Adding Titanium Dioxide to your base to make it white will result in colors that are pastel. If using olive oil, we recommend using light or refined olive. This will help the colors stay more true.

Most colors have a recommended use rate of 1-2 tsp. per pound of oils. Darker colors require less, and lighter colors require more. You can adjust your use rate to achieve the color you're wanting. Orange and yellow micas can be used at up to 3 tsp. per pound of oils, or mixed with neon pigments to achieve a very bright tones.

Fragrance with vanilla will change the colors! Be sure to use a fragrance oil with little to no vanilla if you're wanting very bright hues. Our Perfect Performance Fragrance Oils are ideal for brightly colored soaps.

+ Can I use your colors in anything besides soap?

Yes! Our soap colorants aren't just for soap. They are cosmetic grade and can be used for melt and pour, cold process, bath products, resin, lotions, and more. You can even paint with them! If you dream it, our colors can do it!

Looking for a true red mica that doesn't migrate in cold process soap? Try our Trial by Fire.
It's premixed and super easy to use!