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We carefully source our mica powders for CP stability and all are stable in hot process, cold process, and melt & pour soaps. They are cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and vegan.

+ What is mica?

Micas rock! Or rather, they're made of rock! Natural mica is a finely ground mineral powder made of the metamorphic rock muscovite. In their uncolored state they are gray or yellow in tone. The micas we use in soaps are pigmented with titanium dioxide, oxides, ultramarines, etc. to achieve brightly colored tones. We also offer lab-created micas. These colors are produced in a lab setting to be identical in structure to their naturally occurring counterparts. These types of colors are a great choice if mining is a concern. Read more: What is Mica? Is it Natural?

+ Can I use Mica in Bath Bombs?

Yes! The only colors generally not permitted for bath bomb use are greens and blues. See all of our colors approved for bath bombs. Micas do not need to be batch certified like lakes and dyes do. They offer lower color saturation than lakes & dyes, but come in a wide variety of colors. Polysorbate 80 must be used at half the amount of oils in your recipe to prevent color staining in the tub. For example, if your recipe calls for 3 tbs. of oil, you should use 1.5 tsp. of polysorbate 80.

+ What's different about Nurture Soap Micas?

Most companies sell the same colors from a common manufacturer. Nurture Soap sources from many different manufacturers and even make our own! Our Custom Blends are made in-house by the owner of Nurture Soap. Our Exclusive Colors can't be found anywhere else. All of our colored pigments are tested in soap before they make it to our site, are CP stable, and coated with the highest quality pigments and oxides to produce bright and brilliant colors. You can see how each color looks in cold process soap by visiting our CP Color Gallery. Nurture Soap is proud to use our expert knowledge of color to bring the very best to you!

To achieve the best color, use oils that are as white as possible. Green and yellow oils will affect results. Fragrance oils with vanilla will turn your color brown!

Looking for a true red mica that doesn't migrate in cold process soap? Try our Trial by Fire.
It's premixed and super easy to use!