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Alpine Green Mica


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Alpine Green mica is a dark green that performs spectacularly in cold process soaps. Great for melt and pour and hot process soaps, too. It is the color of evergreen or pine forests.


INCI Mica, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide green
Micron Size 10-60
FDA approved for Bath Bombs No - Read why here
FDA approved for External Use Yes
FDA approved for Eye Area Yes
FDA approved for Lips No
Use Rate for CP and HP 1 tsp. per pound
Use Rate for MP .5 tsp. per pound

This color is very stable in cold process soap. As with most green micas, this color may turn a darker brown or murky gray during saponification. If this happens, please wait up to 48 hours for the original green color to return in cold and hot process soaps. The color change will not occur in melt and pour soaps, due to these types of soap having a lower pH.

To use in cold process soap, you may add this color directly to your very thinly traced soap batter and stir with a hand blender. You may also blend with a bit of your soap making oils first, and then add this blend to your soap. Both methods work very well and which one you choose is your preference.

To use this mica in melt and pour soaps, add to a bit of 91% or higher rubbing alcohol first to fully disperse the mica. This will ensure you do not have clumps of color in your MP base.

Customer Reviews

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Love this shade

I love this shade so much works for coloring soap dough and for coloring soap. Soap onthe left is coloring with the shade!


It's a good Slytherin color if you're trying to do HP inspired soaps. Used in cold processed soap. Didn't speed up trace that much.

Alpine Green Mica

Looks Beautiful in CP Soap. Thank you!!

Green: "spruced" up!

Gotta be honest, evergreen/alpine/spruce shades of green make me nervous in CP, as I recall a batch totally ruined when the "Evergreen" mica went completely gray in my soap (not a mica from NS, and not a pretty shade of gray either!). But my husband is military, so I get a lot of requests for earthy/woodsy scents & camo-themed soaps from his friends. I needed a deep, evergreen-type mica, and when I need a mica that is thoroughly reliable, I come to Nurture Soap! I tested this color out in a cactus-themed CP soap and it looks GORGEOUS! The color you see in the jar is the color you get in your soap (perhaps a tad darker, but that was preferable)! At 1tsp/PPO this mica is the perfect shade of rich, deep, spruce green in CP! EXACTLY what I was looking for, and not a hint of gray to be found! Looks stunning in clear MP embeds too! If you're looking for a foresty shade of green that isn't going to morph in CP & will stay beautifully true, this mica will deliver!!

Love these mica's

I buy all my micas from here. They work perfectly Everytime.

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