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Lab Created Micas

Lab Created Mica Powders are based on fluorphlogopite mica, a lab created mineral formulated to be exceptionally brilliant and bright.

Benefits of fluorphlogopite (also referred to as synthetic mica):

  • No particle size restrictions! See our blog post Size Matters! Micron Size and Mica
  • High purity compared to natural mica.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Greater clarity and reflectivity than natural mica.

We have a complete glitter line based on lab-created mica called EnviroGlitter. This is the same type of glitter often to referred to as Lustre or even biodegradable glitter because of it's minimal impact on the environment. Since synthetic mica has no particle restrictions, EnviroGlitters can be used in lip and eye applications when other glitters can't due to FDA restrictions. Want high impact shine and sparkle? Lab-Created Enviroglitter is for you! What's better? Most are approved for bath bombs, too!