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Fragrance Oils

Our fragrance oils are different than you will find anywhere else. We blend unique scents that are outstanding in all types of soaps. Many of our premium blends are infused with essential oils. We are soap makers, and test each of our scents in soap with notes on acceleration, discoloration, and pictures in soap on each product page.

+ Can I use your fragrance oils in candles?

We test only in soaps, but our fragrances can be used in candles, too! We recommend a use rate of 10% in candles. People who have used our scents report great hot and cold throw in soy wax and other candle waxes.


Our oils are skin safe and amazing in bath bombs and other bath and body products! We are currently reformulating all our scents to be phthalate free and safe for lotion. The lotion use rate is on each product description under the testing notes & info tab. All documentation is here, and we also offer a fragrance calculator to determine how much oil should be used in all types of products.


Fragrances oil with vanilla can turn your soap brown! We test each fragrance and make notes of how it acts in soap. There are also pictures that show the final color of the fragrance after four weeks. If no picture is present, be sure to read the testing notes under the testing notes & info tab on each product listing. Knowing how each oil may act will allow for a much better and more prepared soap making experience! If the fragrance contains vanilla, it will also likely affect your colors, making them muted or brown.

Some fragrances can also accelerate. This means it makes your soap trace faster. We have also noted if a scent accelerates. They can still be used in soap but be prepared to move quickly! To see our fragrance oils that do not accelerate or discolor, look at our Perfect Performance Fragrance Oils.


All of our fragrance oils are made in the USA. We work very closely with manufacturers to bring you the very best and highest quality scents we can find. Wholesale pricing is available on each product listing. We offer both 10 and 30 pound sizes with a price discount. All oils are filled by weight with the exception of our 1 ounce sample sizes. We highly recommend buying in smaller sizes and testing in your recipe first. This way you can also see if you like the smell before buying in larger sizes! Due to the fact that many of our fragrances are used in personal care products, we cannot accept returns due to sanitary reasons. If unsure, buy a smaller size first!