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Yellow Vibrance Mica


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Yellow Vibrance mica is our most dependable yellow. It is bright, sunny, and completely reliable in cold process. Some have reported this mica turning orange during saponification, so if this happens don't be alarmed! Within 24 hours this mica will turn back to the bright sunny yellow color you were expecting.


INCI Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide
Micron Size 10-60
FDA approved for Bath Bombs Yes
FDA approved for External Use Yes
FDA approved for Eye Area Yes
FDA approved for Lips Yes
Use Rate for CP and HP 1 tsp. per pound
Use Rate for MP .5 tsp. per pound

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Gorgeous yellow!

I actually bought this mica specifically because of previous reviewer, Margie, posting a pic of her STUNNING soaps!😍 I just loved how creamy & buttery this cheerful shade of yellow looked in her picture & knew I HAD to have it! This mica DID NOT disappoint! I used "Yellow Vibrance" in my drop swirl design, which also features "Orange Vibrance" & "Summer Crush" micas (embeds made with "Mango Tango" & "Alpine Green" micas), and love how beautifully "Yellow Vibrance" complimented those colors! The top was piped with a different yellow mica, but both came out looking EXACTLY how I was hoping the design would! "Yellow Vibrance" is just so creamy & wholesome-looking! A happy shade that produced precisely what I was wishing to achieve when used at 1tsp/PPO! It's beautifully pigmented & stayed true from start to finish in my recipe! A new staple color in my mica collection?... UNDOUBTEDLY! I love it!!❤


The yellow darkened a bit during the first week of curing. It is an okay shade of yellow if a bolder shade of yellows to your liking. I personally like the shade of Fire Fly over Yellow Vibrance.

Love the shade

I used the color and I mixed it with gold eco glitter and it was amazing! I also will be using it in my Halloween soap will definitely be getting more

Yellow Vibrance Mica Review

Definitely Vibrant and I will buy again! I used this in a mixture with another orange Mica to make a perfect colorant for a soaping project and it was amazing! Yellow has always been a favorite color of my mother’s and this will do just lovely for her birthday coming up! The color is true!

AWESOME but watch out

So, as always, I got to soap without reading the notes from supplier and the color turned bright orange. I freaked out but, thankfully, I decided to double check the website. Sure enough, after saponification, it turned back to beautiful yellow. I love it. I did lemon cake soap and its fabulous. I will buy again

Customer Reviews

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