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Summer Crush Mica


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If summer romance could be a color, this would be it! Summer Crush mica is a soft flirtatious mica that is chiffon pink with gold undertones. In cold and hot process this color is a more matte very light and pretty pink. In clear melt and pour the gold tones shine through the pink. It is simply stunning!


INCI Mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, iron oxide
Micron Size 10-60
FDA approved for Bath Bombs Yes
FDA approved for External Use Yes
FDA approved for Eye Area Yes
FDA approved for Lips Yes
Use Rate for CP and HP 1 tsp. per pound
Use Rate for MP .5 tsp. per pound

Customer Reviews

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This color is absolutely beautiful! It’s a true cantaloupe color. I will definitely buy again!


Perfect color for all my tropical soaps. Will buy again.

My first Nurture Soap crush!

As my jar of "Summer Crush" mica begins to get low (a situation that makes me nervous!), and I browse through Nurture's site, trying to keep my "wants" & "must haves" within my budget (no easy feat for me when I'm drooling over SO MANY colors & FO's here!), I realize I've never written a review for this INCREDIBLE staple color! "Summer Crush" was one of the very first micas I ever used from Nurture, and it's become a color I refuse to be without! It's such an AMAZING shade of peachy-pink & reminds me of a sunset I once watched in Cancun... Where colors of the sun's last golden-pink rays fanned across the skyline, making their final, breathtaking show of firey reds, oranges and pinks that stretched & blended upwards into the encroaching dusky-purple evening, as the sun slowly set below the horizon, appearing as if it were sinking into the ocean itself! This color is as dear to my heart as that memory is, and will always be a part of my mica collection! It's looks stunning in both CP & MP, and I recently used it as one of the accentuating colors in a batch of CP using Nurture's INCREDIBLE "Cucumber Melon" FO (as It's a melon-ey pink shade too- very versatile for so many themes!), and also used it with Nurture's 7/8" 9-ball mold to make MP embeds for the same batch. It's a breathtaking color that always gets John Travolta & Olivia Newton John singing "Summer Nights'" stuck in my head every time I use it!


I do not use SUMMER CRUSH mica as often as I should in Cold Process soap projects, but when I do it pairs wonderfully with darker micas. Color stays true. Blends well and is such a lovely feminine color.
Using SUMMER CRUSH in cold process soap:


This color is absolutely stunning!!! I have been using it non-stop. It's a beautiful peach with golden opaque micro fine shimmer that is killer in clear melt and pour soaps, in my sugar scrubs I use this for a perfect peach shade! This also is the prettiest color for a light spring and summer blush and would be an amazing eyeshadow and cheek highlight! I make a dark purple bath bomb and add this color to the fine detail and it turns into a beautiful rose gold! I will never be without this mica! AAAA++

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