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Really Red! Pigment


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Really Red! is RED. You will not find a better red for cold process soap than this one. It is a perfect, true red. This is a Nurture Soap® custom color created by the owner in her quest for a true red that could be used in cold process soap.

Some red colors out there require mixing different color sets together to get close to red, and mixing is messy! If you don't get the ratios just right you get a pink color or something other than a true red. Really Red! is pre-mixed and super easy to use. We do the work for you, so you have more time to make beautiful soaps!


    INCI Polyester 3, iron oxide, acid red 92
    Micron Size N/A
    FDA approved for Bath Bombs No - Read why here
    FDA approved for External Use No
    FDA approved for Eye Area No
    FDA approved for Lips No
    Use Rate for CP and HP 2 tsp. per pound
    Use Rate for MP .5 tsp. per pound
    • For a red that can be used in all types of cosmetics see our My Red Obsession mica powder.
    • Really Red is allowed for use in soap but is not permitted for use in cosmetics due to the dye we use in mixing not being batch certified. Read more about how soap is regulated in our blog post What is Soap and How is it Regulated?
    • The ingredient Acid Red 92 is the uncertified version of D&C Red 28. The FDA requires we use the uncertified name since the dye is not certified, but it is the same dye.
    • Really Red! must go through gel phase to be a true, vibrant red. If it is not gelled the color will appear slightly pink and/or brick in color.
    • Really Red! can bleed when too much is used. For this reason, it is best used as an accent color.
    • This color is the creation of the owner of Nurture Soap, and she mixes this color herself to ensure consistent quality and minimize batch variations. You will not find a truer red anywhere else!
    • Really Red is not mica-based. Since we no longer need mica as a mixing agent due to new mixing technology acquired by us, this color is a highly concentrated pigment that we have formulated to be very potent and easy to use.
    • There are other red colors out there. They are typically mica-based, not as concentrated, and turn pink in cold process. We urge you to compare our red to others and see the difference!
    • There is no mixing required with our Really Red! We do all the mixing for you to ensure that you get a bright, true red every time. No more mixing colors and crossing your fingers that it works!

    Please note that as of 7/21/2017 the formula for Really Red! has changed due to new mixing technology we have acquired at Nurture Soap. We are now able to make a brilliant red without supplemental ingredients that aided in the mixing process. This is a custom mixed color and there may be small variations between batches.

    Customer Reviews

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    Beautiful red color!

    Definitely worth the money! Is the only "red" that I've used in my soaps that is red and stays red.

    Perfect Red

    This red is a must have. It is so good. I haven't found a red that compares for use in CP Soap. You can't go wrong!

    Lives up to its name!

    I love this color! It is perfect for my Christmas and Valentine soaps.

    Really red mica

    The really red mica is the best red mica. It stays true to color and doesn't fade. I love it!

    Really red is the best red!

    The only red to use when you want a true red color. No brown shade or morphing in CP soap. One of my absolute favorites!

    Customer Reviews

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