Plastic Free EnviroGlitter™ Set

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Glitter that won't harm the environment!

Exclusive to Nurture Soap - Our line of EnviroGlitters integrate naturally with environment having no adverse effects on nature or marine wildlife. They are also vegan and cruelty free! 

Recommended use rate in cold and hot process soap is 2 tsp. per pound of oils. For melt and pour, the recommended use rate is 1 tsp. per pound of base.

Our EnviroGlitters were formerly called Mineral Glitters or Biodegradable Glitter. We now also offer Ronald Britton's Bio-Glitter® based on natural cellulose from eucalyptus trees.

You will receive 17 EnviroGlitter™ colors and save 5% by buying the set rather than buying each color individually.

Please note: We cannot recommend our green and blue EnviroGlitter™s for bath bombs, since the color additives contained in them (chromium oxide green and ultramarine blue) are not approved by the FDA for use on lips or other mucous membranes. Although bath products have historically been considered externally applied cosmetics, bath bombs are different because the product is put in the bath and there is prolonged exposure to mucous membranes. We have personally clarified this information with the Director of the Color Certification Branch of the FDA. Have questions? Contact Us. You can read more about color additive safety regulations here: FDA Color Tables

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