5 lb Basic Loaf Mold

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Our 5 pound basic soap mold holds 63 ounces (3.94 pounds) of oils. There are holes on the bottom of the wood mold to help easily push out the liner. This mold features a food-grade silicone liner. It is made via a special molding process that results in silicone that will not tear or stretch over time like other types of silicone can.

Any liners purchased between 4/01/18 and 9/19/2018 will be about 1/16th inch shorter than our current batch of silicone liners. Liners purchased between these dates measured 17 7/8" and our current batch measures a full 18". We have made the wooden mold boxes to fit accordingly. There may be up to 1/16" gap between the liners and our current wooden mold boxes.

Mold Specifications

• Liner(s) Used: 5 lb Loaf Liner
• Liner Capacity: 63 ounces of oils
• Liner Thickness: .18 inches
• ID of Liner: 18" L x 3.5" W x 2.5" H
• Finished Soap Capacity: 18 - 1" bars

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Customer Reviews

Based on 407 reviews
Excellent Mold

I highly recommend this mold! Very sturdy and the holes at the bottom make it much easier to get the silicone portion out of the mold.

Honeysuckle Soap Company
Five Pound mold

I love this mold! The wood is sturdy and the silicone mold is easy to clean. I have purchased many!

this mold got me started.

when I first got started into loaf mold i wanted to squeeze my 100oz batch into one mold. If I had a thick trace, you could fit 100oz in this mold if you pile it high. This bar was a little harder to label because its so thick. my online labels i wanted to use and wrap them with wouldn't fit. Happy i started with this one, i made so much soap with this mold

The Best

I have many of these mold. Love them

Muataz Esaefan
5 lb basic loaf mold

First time to use this mold, I love it and highly recommend