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Bronze Brown Mica


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Bronze Brown is a beautiful mica that is wonderful for coloring cold process, hot process, and melt and pour soaps. It is a very stable dark rich brown like chocolate.


INCI Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide
Micron Size 10-60
FDA approved for Bath Bombs Yes
FDA approved for External Use Yes
FDA approved for Eye Area Yes
FDA approved for Lips Yes
Use Rate for CP and HP 1 tsp. per pound
Use Rate for MP .5 tsp. per pound

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Truly Brown

Absolutely love this mica. Works well with cp soap

Adore this color

This is a fave of mine. A little goes a long way I've found. Works perfec in CP soap and I even made colored sea salt with it!

Works great

I have used this mica once since I received it and had no problems with it. It turned the soap a nice bronze color.

El Marrón Perfecto!

LOVE this shade of brown! I use browns often in many of my soapy projects, as brown pairs well with so many other colors, and the contrast makes lighter shades "pop"! This shade of brown is excellent and so versatile! It's gorgeous low-lights of shimmery bronzy-gold make for regal & stunning hues of brown at varying usage rates! Add a little for a sweet honey brown, a little more for a delicious-looking gingerbread brown, or even more for a rich, deep mocha! There are so many warm and charming possibilities with this mica, and in CP, the results are always fabulous! I've really loved pairing this brown with Nurture's "Oleander" and "Celestial Silver" micas, as the softness of these colors get an accentuating boost of eye-catching contrast next to this brown, and the frosty-soft blue, and delicate peachy-pink these micas produce in CP pair exceptionally well with this golden-brown shade! This mica has become an absolute MUST HAVE for me!!! It just looks great with EVERYTHING! Pairing it with Nurture's "Laurel Green" mica is another jaw-dropping combo that adds a sophisticated and regal touch to these beautiful earthy/botanical tones! I truly could go on, but I'll stop blabbing and just say: GET THIS MICA!!! It's AWESOME!! It's my absolute go-to "staple" when it comes to all shades brown!


I used for CP and worked good!

Customer Reviews

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