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Bath Bomb Colorants - Lakes & Dyes

Lakes and dyes make excellent bath bomb colorants. They can also be used in scrubs, salts, and melt and pour soaps! They must be certified by the FDA to be used in cosmetic products available for sale. Nurture Soap offers only certified lakes and dyes.

+ Are your lakes and Dyes Batch Certified?

All of our lakes and dyes are certified by the FDA. This means that they can be used in products for sale. Nurture Soap Inc. has a repack account with the FDA. All of the lakes and dyes we offer for bath bombs are analyzed by their lab and authorized for resale to you.

All of our lakes and dyes come in jars. On each jar, you will find the batch and lot numbers of the lake or dye. The exception is our dye mixes, which are mixed from certified lots. Mixes require a control number, and this number will also be on the jar you receive.

The FDA has requested that certified repackers DO NOT send paper documents or post electronic documents online regarding batch certification. This is why we offer our lot and batch numbers on the jar and do not offer them in paper or electronic format.

See FDA message regarding certification documentation

+ What's the difference between lakes and dyes?

Dyes are water soluble, and lakes are water soluble. This means the way they are used is different. Dyes need to be "bloomed." To bloom a dye, they need to be added to a bit of water first. The water activates the dye. Add the activated dye to the baking soda used in your bath bomb recipe and allow it to dry. The baking soda can then be added to your other dry ingredients. The main advantage of using dyes is that they're super concentrated and have a heavier dye load. A little bit goes a very long way!

Lakes are a bit easier to use, but have a lower dye load. Lakes can be added directly to the dry mix and produce brilliant colors, but a bit more needs to be used than water soluble dye.

If you're using oils in your recipe, we recommend using polysorbate 80 when using lakes and dyes. Although they will not stain, polysorbate 80 still aids in the process of making the oils less slippery in the tub.

The dye load is stated in each product listing. We offer the highest strength of dyes and lakes we can find. Less of the product will need to be used in bath bombs to achieve saturated colors over those with lower dye loads.