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Soap Stable Colors

We Take Color Seriously

It is a little known fact that almost all mica suppliers carry colors from the same manufacturer. Have you ever ordered a mica from company A to realize it's the exact same color you got from company B? You're not imagining things!

Nurture Soap is different. We will not use the same supplier as the other guys. We don't want to be the same! Our colors are unique, of superior quality, and vegan and cruelty free.

How We Test Color:

When we find a new colors we request SDS and other documentation. If the colors are approved by us we order samples. After we sift through the samples (we don't want anything that's too similar to a color we already have) we begin testing in CP and MP soap. This process is painstaking and we try to throw every curve ball to a color we can to see what happens. After the soaps are made, the colors are evaluated for any morphing, fading, or general weirdness. 90% of colors we test don't make the cut. All micas are tested in a cold process recipe made with a 50% lye solution.If it's going to react with lye, we're going to know it!

By the time a color makes it to our website, we know that color very well. We can anticipate almost anything that color may do to your soap. If a color doesn't act right for you, write us and we will help figure out what's happening. Odds are we've seen it happen in our testing, too!

Buy from Nurture Soap and know that you are getting unique, outstanding colors at a fair price. We always stand 100% behind our product and want your experience with our products and service to be as enjoyable and smooth as possible. We offer extremely fast free shipping and knowledgeable customer support. We're here to help you make beautiful soaps!

All colors in this category are stable in cold process, hot process, and melt and pour soaps.

Our colorants are tested in soaps by us but are perfect in all types of projects including painting, crafts, resin casting, nail polish, bath bombs, bubble bars and more! We have searched the globe for the highest quality colors you will find anywhere. 

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