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Mold + Liner Set

    2.5 lb Handle Mold

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    Product description

    Our 2.5 lb Handle Mold is perfect for soapmaking. The handles make it easy to remove the liner from the soap mold box, while the silicone covers the sides to protect the wood. With 30 ounces of oil capacity and thin silicone for easy removal, it's the most effortless way to soap!

    The liners used for this mold may vary in length by +/- 1/8" inch.

    Mold Specifications

    • Liner(s) Used: 2.5 lb Handle Liner
    • Liner Capacity: 30 ounces of oils
    • ID of Liner: 8 7/8” L x 3.5” W x 2.5” H +/- 1/8”
    • Finished Soap Capacity: 8 - full 1" bars w/ some extra for samples, etc.


    🧮 Lye Calculator

    How to calculate the volume of a mold:

    1. L x W X H = ? X .4
    2. Example: 18 x 3.5 x 2.5 = 157.5 x .4 = 63 ounces of oils
    3. This is the maximum amount of oils that can be used with this size mold.
    4. Use any mold and calculate the max amount of oils the same way.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    J.H. (Denver, US)
    So handy

    These are so handy to use and the handles make them super easy to pull out of the mold. I did notice (it also states this in the description) that the amount of soap you get is slightly less in this mold compared to the ones without the handles but still works wonderfully for smaller batches. Highly recommend

    Space Ace Soaps (Dubuque, US)

    This is a fantastic mold! The handles are so helpful for getting the liner out of the wood, and the way the silicone covers the top of the wood means that cleaning up spills is easier than ever!

    Deborah Schneider (Fulton, US)
    Loving the 2.5 lb mold!

    This is a user friendly mold that is just the right size for a smaller batch of soap. It makes 8 bars. The bar size is perfect, same as their larger loaf molds. It is easy to unmold your soap due to the handles on the ends of the liner.

    A.M. (Chantilly, US)
    Modern and sleek

    It is easy to unmold your soap from this mold!!

    A.M. (Chantilly, US)
    i like it

    it is 3.5 " wide, i wish it was a bit narrower.

    AmyMiranda (Chantilly, US)
    Nice mold

    I like to try new products. This is 3.5 inches wide. I wish it was a bit narrower.

    Oakley Acres (Dallas, US)
    2.5 lb handle mold

    Worked just as expected! As others have stated it is easy to get your soap out after the molding process and is also very easy to clean. The soap “loaf” came out in a very uniform shape and the handled liner had no deformations. Will be purchasing more soon.

    Heather (Port Charlotte, US)
    Love the handles!

    This is my new favorite mold! I love the handles! The quality of the mold is excellent. I also like that it is wider than most molds I have used.

    Jan Whalen (Sudlersville, US)
    Nice handles

    The handles on the liner are nice. Maybe one day there will be handles on the mold itself:-) It was also nice that the liner covered the wood on the top sides of the mold. I have only used it once, but it worked very well.

    J.W. (Normal, US)
    Super mold!

    I'm a new soaper and other than a couple of 4 inch silicone molds, this was the first "full size" mold I bought. So glad that I did! The handles are a great help for getting the mold out of the wood box, and I had no problems at all getting my soap out.

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