Hello again! It’s time for another ‘Studies in Color’ post. Let’s have a look at the Pink and Red Mica Sample Set. Reds can be a bit of a challenge; they often want to shift pink or fade. Nurture Soap’s reds are well tested, and don’t give anyone any trouble. I’m trying a different way of presenting and comparing these, so you can choose the ones that best suit your designs. (Or get the whole set and play with them – these sampler sets are perfect for that.) Let me know if this helps you see them better. Of course, your formula may offer a slightly different shade, depending on the color of your base, and you can add more mica for more intensity. I’ve added the same amount in each bar so you can compare the strength of each mica. As ever, you’ll need to conduct your own experiments to achieve the precise and perfect shade of your dreams. Let this comparison be your jumping off point. With all that said, here they are.

Oleander Mica and Pink Vibrance Mica

Oleander Mica is the lightest of the set. It’s a very pale peachy pink shade that is a bit difficult to capture on camera. Almost a light cantaloupe, perhaps. Pink Vibrance Mica is a strong classic pink. One of the dangers of pink, I think, is a tendency to wind up with a shade associated with a particular pink medication linked to digestive distress. This is the shade you want if you want a classic pink while avoiding that problem.

Firecracker Mica and Amaranth Mica

 Firecracker Mica is a transition between true red and bright pink. It’s a strong color – it doesn’t take much to get this intensity.  Amaranth Mica is a soft baby pink. This is the baby shower shade you’re after. It’s true pink, without the peachiness of Oleander.

Hollywood Mica and Lollipop Mica

Hollywood Mica is a bright pink, similar to Firecracker but without the pure red tones. It’s a dramatic, bright pink with an almost fuchsia undertone. Lollipop Mica is a fun pink, maybe a little more grown up than the baby shade of Amaranth, but still a color reminiscent of childhood.

Red Vibrance Mica and Candy Apple Mica

Red Vibrance Mica is a true, strong, brick red. This is another color that requires very little to get the shade. You can see my jar of this one and the Candy Apple Mica have gotten a lot of use. Red Vibrance has almost no sparkle, even close up. Candy Apple is a true red. Anything sitting next to Red Vibrance looked a little pinkish, but in reality, I got very little pink from it. I’ve seen pictures of it in melt and pour where it showed its secret pink aspirations, however, so you’ll want to experiment with it in your own soap to see what side it shows you.

My Red Obsession Mica and Raspberry Mica

Here it is! My Red Obsession is RED. It does not secretly hope, in its heart, to be anything else. There’s nothing wrong with pink, mind you, but when you want red, you want red, and not pink. I really like this one. I hadn’t used this until I started this soap project – you can see the new label here. But having experimented with the whole set, I found this to be the truest, most basic red. Raspberry Red Mica is the old formula of a color that is currently being replaced. If you happen to have some of this, you can see that it is a nice, bright pink. However, it is being replaced with the Queen of Hearts Mica, which is stronger and brighter, but still similar. You can find the details of the formula changes at the Raspberry Red link, because there is also a Raspberry Red Pink Mica being offered that you can check out.

Heart’s Desire Enviroglitter and Fuchsia Enviroglitter

Glitter! I set these two against Oleander, because it is the lightest shade and best shows the difference between these two glitters. People blend these directly into soap at 2 tsp per pound, but I think this captures their shine a little better for the camera, particularly for cold process.  First, these are environmentally safe glitters. They’re both lovely and sparkly and fun to use. Heart’s Desire Enviroglitter is my favorite of the colored glitters, and there are a lot of people who agree with me, and are doing some amazing things with this glitter. It’s true red with gold flecks, and it’s just lovely. Fuchsia Enviroglitter is a true fuchsia – a sparkly pinky purple with no obvious undertones.

So here they are, my soapy friends. Red is difficult, but these micas make it easier. I hope this helps you all.

Happy Red Soaping!


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