101 Fragrance Blends!


Before I ever start typing-away on my next guest blog post, I always begin with my notebook and a pen in-hand to write down key points I want to mention and just general feelings I want to share. This time however, I found myself not being able to keep up with all the thoughts in my head, and as a result, ended up with pages of “chicken scratch” that even I could barely decipher! Boy, did I have thoughts about this topic, and fragrance oils in general!

I realize I’d gone off on a little tangent/rant in my head, and when I was finished getting it all out and written down on paper, I looked at the ramblings of my inner mind and thought, “There’s no way I can share this! My fellow crafters are going to think I’m crazy!”. What kind of contributor to a blog would I be if I wasn’t completely honest though; if I didn’t share with you my true thoughts and feelings? I never realized I was so passionate about the topic of blending fragrances before, but I guess my internal dialogue had a lot to say on the subject! So, without shame, here’s what I scribbled down...

The best fragrances with which to make custom blends will have one or two dominate notes. Blending a complex aroma with another complex aroma can be hit or miss. Sometimes, but certainly not always, blending two complex fragrances together can result in notes within the individual blends canceling each other out, where the complexity of one, or both, fragrances can no longer be detected. This isn’t always the case though, for example, I think “Anarchy” and “Peace & Love” fragrance oils smell beautiful together, and both aromas have a very unique complexity all on their own. In a worst-case scenario though, you’ll end up with a conflicting blend that might not smell very pleasant, or doesn’t meet the desired results you wanted.

 On the other hand, blending a complex fragrance oil with another fragrance oil which has one or two dominate notes can really help to boost or add aromatic dimension to the complexity of the scent. For example, “Bourbon Street” fragrance oil is a gorgeous, multifaceted aroma on its own. Blending it with another complex or multifaceted fragrance oil (Let’s say, “Artemis” fragrance oil.) might result in a confusing blend, where neither “Bourbon Street” or “Artemis” are complemented, rather conflicted. However, blending a complex aroma, like “Bourbon Street” fragrance oil, with another fragrance which predominately carries one or two main notes (And preferably shares similar characteristics. “Bourbon Street” is warm, smokey, sweet and rich.) can really accentuate notes already present within “Bourbon Street”, complementing its depth and dimension even more. “Bourbon Street” with a little “Vanilla Cream” fragrance oil, or a splash of “Oudh Wood” fragrance oil would work! The complexity and beauty of “Bourbon Street” is enough to stand proudly on its own, but a hint of cozy vanilla or a whisper of sweet Oudh would be a good fit!

When blending fragrances, you’ll want to keep the fragrance oil’s “character” in mind as well. With very complex aromas, sometimes just a splash of another fragrance oil is plenty to compliment, amplify and accentuate notes already present within the blend. Then there are those fragrances which are just universally awesome! For example, “Mad About Mint” and “Awaken” fragrance oils smell amazing blended with pretty much ANYTHING! When in doubt, you cannot go wrong with these fantastic staple fragrances!

So, what do I mean by fragrances with one or two dominate notes? Well, a good example of fragrances with one dominate note include “Apple”, “Juicy Pear” and “Juicy Apricot” fragrance oils. Alone, they smell INCREDIBLE, and make for delicious batches of soap! Even though these fragrances have already been formulated to contain aromatic parts which make up the whole, the dominate note in “Apple” fragrance oil is crisp, authentic apples! The dominate note in “Juicy Pear” is spot-on, fresh, juicy pears; and with “Juicy Apricot”, you’ll find the aroma of real, ripe apricots, bursting with sweet juices! 

So, what about those blends with two dominate notes? These are fragrances which are also beautifully formulated with individual notes that combine to create the full aromatic blend, but these notes combine in such a way as to create an aroma where your nose mainly detects its two most dominate ones. Examples of this would be “Awaken”, “Eucalyptus & Mint”, “Rosemary & Mint” and “Lavender & Sage” fragrance oils. Looking at their aromatic notes, they’re comprised of more than just two, but as a whole, their aromatic notes come together to create an aroma where two notes stand out most prominently. “Eucalyptus & Mint” fragrance oil’s lemongrass note adds uplifting dimension to the blend as a whole, but when you smell it, it’s those revitalizing mint and fresh eucalyptus notes which speak loudest. Same with “Awaken”, “Rosemary & Mint” and “Lavender & Sage” fragrance oils. All are gorgeously blended with top, middle and base notes, expertly combined to create a delightful aromatic experience. When you smell “Awaken” though, fresh, herbal lemongrass and zesty lemon greet the nose most clearly. With “Rosemary & Mint”, freshly-clipped rosemary and revitalizing mint notes come through strong; as well as “Lavender & Sage”, where authentic lavender and earthy-herbal sage notes reign supreme.

In my personal opinion (And this is where I went off on my tangent/rant!), what makes an outstanding supplier of fragrance oils is one which places quality well before quantity; where key fragrances are offered to the crafter which are just as phenomenal on their own as they would be in a blend. Strictly on a personal note, when I see a supplier of fragrances which carries a head-spinning amount of oils, not only do I feel completely overwhelmed, but it makes me wonder if this supplier has put the priority of quantity above quality.

For me at least, this also leads to a whole slippery slope of problems. Problems such as overspending (You need an apple fragrance and the supplier you’re shopping with carries 80 different varieties of apple fragrance oils... How on earth do you decide?), and possible hoarding. You suddenly find yourself with more fragrance oils than you can possibly use in a lifetime (Let alone, before their expiration dates.), and the employees at The Container Store all know you on a first-name basis! I shall pass on such mayhem, because I once was such mayhem!


A truly phenomenal supplier of fragrance oils will carry fragrances which have gorgeous depth and dimension. They’ll carry specific aromatic blends with which they’ve tested in soap themselves, and find them to be aromas worthy of putting their company name behind; aromas they’re proud to offer to others, and crafters want to return for again and again! An outstanding supplier of fragrance oils won’t just focus on quality over quantity, being very vetting of new fragrances brought in, but they’ll also offer key fragrances which bring optimal variety and choices to the customer as well. They’ll have fragrances which smell incredible in application all on their own, but also spur creativity too! They’ll offer fragrances, which alone, tell a magnificent aromatic story, and fragrances which allow the home crafter to create their own aromatic stories, if they wish to as well!

It’s never been about quantity, it’s all about the quality of the selection! The selection, not necessarily the quantity, will be broad, and will appeal to all kinds of different tastes and scent preferences; from the timeless classics to the most unique and eclectic of tastes. The variety, NOT pages and pages upon fragrance oil listings, will be vast, offering the crafter a shopping experience that inspires, not overwhelms. A great supplier will provide crafters of all different preferences with quality aromatic choices which don’t lead to overspending or excessive hoarding habits. The fragrances will produce such fantastic results, they’ll get put to good use, not stashed away in some drawer, bin or cabinet. A company which sells fragrance oils will recognize that all noses are different, and that scent preferences are unique and vary widely. They’ll offer fragrances which appeal to a wide audience of individual tastes, and have something for everyone!

This is why I love Nurture Soap’s fragrance oils so much... Literally for ALL of these reasons! I got to a point where I was tired of all the “hits and misses”. SO MUCH MONEY went down the drain, wasted on fragrance oils with poor quality and disappointing results. I got sick and tired of feeling so overwhelmed, buying impulsively, then having to sell fragrance oils I’d never use in destash groups for a fraction of the cost I originally purchased them for. I wanted the bins and bins of unused fragrance oils out of my guest bedroom. I wanted a permanent, “go-to” supplier! I wanted the BEST quality and nothing but awesome results in my soaps. I wanted a supplier where the “hits” far surpassed any “misses”, and I wouldn’t have to spend a small fortune trying to determine what exactly those “hits” and “misses” were.

Most of all, I wanted to be able to smell the quality of the fragrances from the moment I unscrewed the cap to the moment my soaps reached full cure. Even fragrances which “blossom” from their original “out of the bottle” scent during cure will still smell like high-quality fragrances before ever being put to use. I wanted a variety of scents that didn’t leave my head spinning; fragrances which both myself and my customers would love, since that’s not necessarily always the same thing. I was sick of overpriced fragrances that smelled cheap, and tired of cheap fragrances that smelled even cheaper... I wanted to get my money’s worth! Investing in quality first will always save the home crafter money in the long run- Always! I found ALL of this in Nurture Soap’s fragrance oils! My home isn’t overrun by bottles of unused fragrance oils anymore; my guest bedroom is finally a guest bedroom once again, and every single fragrance oil I own fits perfectly into ONE cabinet with two shelves!


By now, you might be wondering exactly what my point is, and admittedly, I did go off on a little bit of a personal “side note” there, but I promise this all makes one fantastic point! That point being: With just a few INCREDIBLE fragrance oils, ALL from Nurture Soap, the possibilities available to you are truly endless! I’m talking specifically about making your very own aromatic blends, and to prove this, I dug out all my notes (Admittedly, I do keep notebooks of blends I’ve made, and blends I want to make!), plus every single fragrance oil I have, and got to notetaking and sniffing!

Blending fragrance oils is an awesome way to take one, two, three, or even four or more outstanding fragrances and create one fabulous scent that’s uniquely yours! Not only does blending fragrances awaken creativity and inspiration, but it’s something you can be proud of too! If you sell your handmade soaps, be proud of those beautiful blends... You could say something like, “Made with a custom aromatic blend!”. After all, who doesn’t love something custom-made and wonderfully unique?

The most common concern I’ve heard when it comes to blending fragrances is, “Well, I’d love to, but I don’t know where to begin or what to do.”. If this is you, worry not my dear, fellow crafter! I’ve got your blending back! I’m going to show you the easiest, most failproof way to create your very own fragrance oil blends, and I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy and fun it truly is! I’m going to take you step-by-step on how to create an absolutely heavenly fragrance oil blend that I call “Crisp Apple Rose & Mint Water” (Because it sounds fancy, but feel free to change the name if you’d like!).

As for the actual soap making, I am going to hurry through that part a bit, but only because the title to this blog is NOT misleading! Remember those notes and fragrance oils I mentioned going through? Well, I’m going to show you just how fun blending fragrance oils really is! I’m going to share with you 101 of my personal most-favorite fragrance oil blends! These are for YOUR inspiration; to use, create and tweak in any which way you’d like! Feel free to go through this list and make any blend that sounds wonderful to you! You can also use these blending ideas for inspiration... Expand upon them, tailor them to your specific scent preferences, make them uniquely yours; the sky is the limit!

This is just a beginning foundation to get you excited about becoming a “blend master”, but first, let’s quickly make some “Crisp Apple Rose & Mint Water” cold process soap! Of course, I will absolutely share the recipe as well, but for the sake of time, we’ll focus more on the blending part. As always, you are more than welcome to use the cold process soap recipe included in this blog in your own soapy creations at home, but for now, let’s get to blending!


It’s my personal belief that the highest potential a person has of becoming, they already ARE, they just might not know it yet! If you haven’t quite yet recognized the blending master that you are, that’s totally okay; that’s what your fellow crafters are for! Surround yourself with knowledgeable, experienced crafters who aren’t hesitant or afraid to pass their knowledge and experiences along, and you’ll be seeing your ever-growing potential in no time! When it comes to blending fragrances, I’ve personally found that some very common household items make the job fun and super easy!

First, you’ll need a general idea. Do you want your blend to smell fresh and floral? Perhaps fruity, or even minty? Possibly something delicious and gourmand? All it takes is a dream and a coffee filter! Oftentimes, just smelling one fragrance oil is enough to get the imagination stirring. Now, it used to be that I did all my “pre-blending” in a little plastic baggie, and the idea is to add cotton swabs dipped in different fragrance oils to that baggie. If a little baggie is all you have available, that’s no problem, but for me, I began to feel horribly guilty about all the little plastic baggies I was tossing away when creating my aromatic blends. To be more earth-conscious, I switched to concocting all my blends in a coffee filter (Cone filters work best, but a regular coffee filter folded into a cone will work just as well.). For the sake of you being able to see what I’m doing though, I used a little leftover piece of biodegradable, Biolefin shrink wrap that I had remaining from packaging up some soaps, and fashioned a little baggie out of it with my heat sealer.

Once you have your general idea and a little baggie or coffee filter, grab yourself a pencil, pen or marker (I normally use a pencil, but again, I felt it was important for you to clearly see what I did.), some cotton swabs (cut or bended in half), and coffee beans. Whole or ground coffee beans will work just fine, and these are to help clear your nose between sniffs! As you’re creating your blend, smelling the coffee between any adjustments made to your blend will help you smell it more accurately, as well as prevent you from becoming “nose blind” to it. We’re now ready to begin blending!

For this specific blend, I knew I wanted to incorporate “Rose Geranium”, “Apple” and “Mad About Mint” fragrance oils, but at what ratios? Well, that’s what all these common household items are for! To begin, I added equal parts of each fragrance oil to my baggie, by dipping a cotton swab into each one and dropping it into the bag. I made a note of this on the bag with my marker. Give the fragrances a little bit of time to mingle and “get married” to one another. If you smell it right away, you might only get stronger whiffs of the very last cotton swab you added. I usually wait a minute or two before smelling the blend, but we’ve got a great starting point with which we can now customize the blend, if needed!

Now, to be honest, I find myself to be quite the simple blender... I’m usually perfectly happy with sticking to using equal parts of my chosen fragrance oils in my blends, but every once in awhile, I find that a blend I’ve concocted needs just a tad more tweaking. In this specific blend, my nose cried out, “More rose please!”, and I happily obliged! To my baggie, I added one more cotton swab dipped in “Rose Geranium” fragrance oil. PERFECTION! My nose and I were completely happy with this little adjustment! All that was left to do was to take this mini-version of my blend, and make enough of it for my batch of soap. This is where marking down how many cotton swabs of what comes into play! Each mark I made represents a part of the blend. Looking at what I added to my baggie, I knew that I would want to blend two parts “Rose Geranium” fragrance oil with one part “Apple” fragrance oil and one part “Mad About Mint” fragrance oil.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to creating your very own custom blends! Just add a cotton swab that’s been dipped into your chosen fragrance oils to a baggie or coffee filter. If you love what you smell, you’re good to go! If you feel your blend needs a little more of “this” or less of “that”, just add more fragrance-dipped cotton swabs to your bag or coffee filter until you love what you smell! Make sure to keep track of how many cotton swabs of which fragrance oil you added.

When making your “blend prototype” into the real deal, the math is very simple! First, just count how many parts you have (the total number of cotton swabs you added). For this blend, I have four total parts. You’ll want to divide the total amount of fragrance oil your recipe calls for by the number of parts you have. For example, let’s say you have four total parts and you need 2oz of fragrance oil in total for your recipe. 2oz ÷ 4 parts = 0.50. This means that just one of your blend’s parts is 0.50oz. Now we’ll multiply this quotient by the individual parts that you need. You need two parts of “Rose Geranium” fragrance oil in your blend. 2 x 0.50oz = 1oz. One part of “Mad About Mint” is 0.50oz, and one part of “Apple” is also 0.50oz (1 x 0.50 = 0.50). This means that to make your blend, you’ll want to combine 1oz of “Rose Geranium” fragrance oil with 0.50oz “Apple” fragrance oil, and 0.50oz “Mad About Mint” fragrance oil, to equal 2oz in total. This math works for any number of cotton swabs (parts) you have, and for any amount of fragrance oil you need. Just divide the total amount of fragrance oil your recipe calls for by the total parts you have (to determine what one part of the whole equals), then multiply this by the individual parts you have. You’ll then have your answer as to how much of each fragrance oil you’ll need to combine in order to create the full blend!

Thankfully, all of Nurture Soap’s fragrance oils have great usage rates for IFRA Category 9 (which includes soap), so going over a fragrance oil’s maximum IFRA usage rate within a blend is unlikely. Nonetheless, it’s still important to keep each fragrance oil’s IFRA maximum usage rate in mind when creating custom blends. You’ll want to be aware of a fragrance oil’s IFRA max usage rate individually, not as a combined whole, and be mindful not to exceed a fragrance oil’s IFRA maximum within the blend in relation to what handmade product you’ll be making.


Once I had my fragrance blend weighed out, combined and smelling sensationally fresh and fancy, I got busy making the melt & pour embeds which would adorn the top of my soap. For this scent, bright, uplifting colors were chosen: “Lollipop” mica for my rose embeds; “Hello Spring!” mica for my apple embeds; and “Sea Green” mica for my mint leaf embeds.

I decided those same micas, used as accent colors, alongside “Winter White” mica, would look equally as beautiful within the batch of soap itself, as they complimented the fresh, uplifting “vibe” of the aromatic blend perfectly! I dispersed the micas in a bit of olive oil, then continued on by getting my lye solutions made, batch oils weighed out and melted down, and everything cooled down to around room temperature.

“Rose Geranium” fragrance oil can mildly accelerate in some cold process soap recipes. I’m talking MILDLY though, which is why I personally feel it’s the BEST rose fragrance in the whole wide world! Yes, Yes, I know rose geranium is actually a variety of geranium that just so happens to have leaves which smell delightfully rosy, but if you’re looking for an incredibly authentic, fresh rose scent that plays nice in cold process soap, this fragrance oil is where it’s AT! It’s outstanding! Being cautious of that slight acceleration though, I blended my soap batter to just past emulsion, then poured some off into three small portions. I used “Winter White” mica to color the remaining soap batter.

The fragrance oil blend itself turned out behaving beautifully for my intended design! One of my absolute favorite designs to make in my soap batches is a classic, down-the-middle tiger-swirl, followed by a hanger-swirl. The blend did accelerate ever so mildly towards the end of pour, but I was still able to execute my intended design with no problems, and no rushing to get it poured!

When I was finished pulling my hanger swirl through my soap, I took my remaining soap batter, poured it on top of the batch, then smoothed it over with a spatula. Next step was to whip up some soap frosting with which to pipe the top of the soap with, and again, I used “Winter White” mica for this portion of the project as well. When I completed piping the top of my soap, I gave it a dusting of one of my all-time favorite shimmery micas: “Snowflake Sparkle” mica! “Snowflake Sparkle” mica is actually the very first sparkly mica I ever purchased, and I fell so madly in love with it, I’ve been addicted to all things that sparkle, shimmer and shine ever since!

All that remained was getting those pretty embeds placed on top of the soap frosting, then sprinkling a little more “Snowflake Sparkle” mica atop the embeds themselves to give them an extra dash of eye-catching shine! The batch was looking lovely and smelling positively divine, so it was time to get it insulated for the night and call it another great, soapy day!

The cut revealed a beautiful batch of soap that looked refreshing, bright and colorful, but it’s the aroma of the bars which steals the show! The scent of crisp, delicious apples comes through loudly and proudly; mixed ever so perfectly with the sensuous aroma of alluring roses. The mint note brings a clean, fresh, almost spa-like charm to the scent as a whole. It isn’t the “loudest” note, but the blend is absolutely perfect with its subtle, minty-goodness lingering in the background... It’s BEAUTIFUL, and at the time of this writing, I’ve actually made a second batch of soap with this fragrance oil blend because I just can’t get enough of it!


Greedy Cruella Deville wanted all those Dalmatian puppies all for herself, but me, I love sharing (And would personally pass on wearing fur.)! It just so happens to be this soap maker’s opinion that Nurture Soap carries the absolute highest quality, best fragrance oils on the face of this planet, and I’m not exaggerating! I actually remember the very first Nurture Soap fragrance oil I ever smelled (The one that started it all!). I had just purchased another 5lb Basic Loaf Mold, as at that time, molds and micas were the only items I’d purchased from Nurture Soap. Within that order was a free sample bottle of “Caramel Coffee” fragrance oil. No joke, within 10 minutes of smelling that fragrance, I had already placed an order for an 8oz bottle of it!

What kind of person would I be if I didn’t make good on my promises? For my fellow crafters, I share with you 101 of my personal favorite fragrance oil blends from Nurture Soap! There are SO MANY MORE, but this is just to show you the plethora of possibilities that are available with just a few key fragrances! And indeed, you’ll find that these blends are comprised of the same 35 or so fragrance oils, most of which having one or two dominate aromatic notes. Why is that? Because it truly does only take a few incredible fragrances to have a world of endless possibilities!

You’ll also find many of these blends to be quite simple, as blending up a new and wonderful aroma doesn’t have to be hard or complicated AT ALL! You’ll notice that some of the blends listed here are even quite similar to one another, as again, making a custom scent that you love can be easy and fun, and sometimes, the simple act of introducing one new fragrance oil to a previously-loved blend is all it takes to transform it into something completely new! Some of these blends are ones I’ve made soap with already, and some I’ve only smelled and made note of, with the intention of making soap with them eventually. You’ll also notice that while I have included suggestions on some of these blends, I haven’t included at what parts to blend them at. There are two reasons for this: First, I truly am a “simple blender”, and actually really enjoy many of these blends at equal parts. Second, what my nose prefers might be different from what your nose prefers. While I might love “Awaken” and “Mad About Mint” fragrance oils mixed at equal parts, you might enjoy them better at 2 parts “Awaken” to 1 part “Mad About Mint”. These are just “aromatic stepping stones” to fuel your inner inspiration and get your amazing creativity flowing! So, grab those coffee filters (or baggies) and a handful of cotton swabs, and feel free to try any of these fragrance oil blends to blend up something magical in your crafty creations... Because you are a blending master!

  • CRISP APPLE ROSE & MINT WATER – Rose Geranium, Apple, Mad About Mint
  • CRISP APPLE ROSE – Rose Geranium, Apple
  • LIME BLOSSOM & ROSE – Rose Geranium, Ginger & Lime, Sambucus
  • LEMONGRASS & ROSE – Awaken, Rose Geranium
  • PAMPLEMOUSSE ROSE & MINT – Mad About Mint, Rose Geranium, Grapefruit & Bergamot
  • ROSEMARY & MINT PAMPLEMOUSSE – Rosemary & Mint, Grapefruit & Bergamot (Suggestion: Add a little Mad About Mint fragrance oil to really amp up those mint notes!)
  • LILAC PAMPLEMOUSSE – Lilac Blossoms, Grapefruit & Bergamot
  • ENGLISH ROSE & PEAR BLOSSOM – Rose Geranium, Juicy Pear, Sambucus (Suggestion: You can substitute Juicy Pear fragrance oil for White Tea & Pear fragrance oil. Both options are delightful!)
  • WILD MINT & LEMONGRASS (AKA: AWAKEN-MINT) - Eucalyptus & Mint, Awaken
  • HERBAL MINT & LEMONGRASS (AKA: REFRESH-MINT) - Rosemary & Mint, Awaken
  • COUNTRY APPLE & LEMONGRASS – Apple, Awaken, Juicy Apricot (Suggestion: Only add a small amount of Juicy Apricot fragrance oil to this blend to give it a sweet, country “vibe”.)
  • MINT PAMPLEMOUSSE – Mad About Mint, Grapefruit & Bergamot
  • COUNTRY APPLE & FARMSTAND APRICOT – Apple, Juicy Apricot, Awaken (Suggestion: Only add a little Awaken fragrance oil to this blend to give it more sparkling dimension.)
  • CHAMPAGNE ROSES – Rose Geranium, Champagne
  • FUZZY NAVEL – Satsuma Orange, Juicy Apricot, Champagne
  • MINT BLACKBERRY SPRITZER – Mad About Mint, Blackberry Bliss, Champagne
  • BLACKBERRY BUBBLY – Blackberry Bliss, Champagne
  • PAMPLEMOUSSE ROSE – Rose Geranium, Grapefruit & Bergamot
  • SUGARED LILACS & BLACKBERRIES – Lilac Blossoms, Blackberry Ambrosia, Blackberry Bliss
  • SUGARED STRAWBERRY-LIME COOLER – Sugared Strawberry, Ginger & Lime, Champagne
  • FLOWER CART – Rose Geranium, Sambucus, Lilac Blossoms, Honeysuckle
  • CHOCOLATE-COVERED STRAWBERRIES – Sugared Strawberry, Chocolate Indulgence
  • LEMONGRASS & GINGERED LIME – Awaken, Ginger & Lime
  • WILD HONEY & LIME – Bergamot & Honey, Ginger & Lime
  • KEY LIME PIE – All Soul’s Day, Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Cream (Suggestion: Add a little Ginger & Lime fragrance oil to heighten those lime notes and make the blend a little tarter!)
  • LILAC BLOSSOMS & SPRING APRICOT – Lilac Blossoms, Juicy Apricot, Sambucus
  • COUNTRY APPLE & LEMON SPRITZER – Apple, Awaken, Champagne (Suggestion: Add a little Ginger & Lime fragrance oil to heighten sparkling citrus notes!)
  • GARDEN APPLE CART – Apple, New Beginnings
  • APPLE BARREL & OUDH – Apple, Oudh Wood
  • APPLES TO ORANGES – Apple, Satsuma Orange
  • ORANGE PEKOE TEA – Satsuma Orange, Afternoon Tea, Cinnamon Supreme
  • ORANGE PEKOE & PATCHOULI – Satsuma Orange, Afternoon Tea, Orange Patchouli, Cinnamon Supreme
  • AFTERNOON TEA & CAKES – Afternoon Tea, Lemon Pound Cake, Vanilla Cream
  • AFTERNOON TEA & CRUMPETS – Afternoon Tea, Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Cream
  • ENGLISH PEAR & GARDEN LILACS – Juicy Pear, Lilac Blossoms
  • APPLE BLOSSOM – Apple, Sambucus
  • PEAR BLOSSOMS & APRICOT – Juicy Pear, Juicy Apricot, Sambucus
  • PEAR BLOSSOM – Juicy Pear, Sambucus
  • ORCHARDS IN BLOOM – Juicy Pear, Juicy Apricot, Avalon, Sambucus
  • ORANGE & MINT – Satsuma Orange, Mad About Mint
  • MINT CHOCOLATE-COVERED ORANGE – Chocolate Indulgence, Mad About Mint, Satsuma Orange
  • CHOCOLATE ORANGE – Chocolate Indulgence, Satsuma Orange
  • ORANGE GROVE – Satsuma Orange, New Beginnings
  • WILD ORANGE BLOSSOM – New Beginnings, Satsuma Orange, Sambucus
  • WILD LIME BLOSSOM – New Beginnings, Ginger & Lime, Sambucus
  • CITRUS BLOSSOMS – New Beginnings, Grapefruit & Bergamot, Awaken, Sambucus
  • GARDEN LIME TREE – Rosemary & Mint, Ginger & Lime, New Beginnings
  • FIELDS OF LAVENDER AROMATHERAPY – Lavender & Sage, Cottongrass
  • SLEEPY LAVENDER AROMATHERAPY – Lavender & Chamomile, Cottongrass (Suggestion: Add a little Lavender & Sage fragrance oil to highlight those lavender notes.)
  • ROSEMARY MINT & LIME AROMATHERAPY – Rosemary & Mint, Ginger & Lime (Suggestion: Add a little Cottongrass fragrance oil to add depth/dimension to the blend.)
  • LAVENDER, APPLES & OUDH – Lavender & Sage, Apple, Oudh Wood
  • AMBER WOODS & HONEYSUCKLE – Temptation, Oudh Wood, Honeysuckle
  • SEA SALT & DRIFTWOOD – Seven Isles, Oudh Wood
  • HONEYSUCKLE HOLLOW – Butterfly Garden, Honeysuckle
  • SOUL SISTER – New Beginnings, Butterfly Garden, Honeysuckle
  • OCEAN SALT & SUGARCANE – Seven Isles, 8th & Ocean
  • ARCTIC OCEAN – Seven Isles, Eucalyptus & Mint
  • MIAMI MINT – 8th & Ocean, Mad About Mint
  • LAVENDER & JASMINE AROMATHERAPY – Femme Fatale, Lavender & Sage
  • SWEET DREAMS, JASMINE – Femme Fatale, Lavender & Chamomile
  • ORANGE-STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE – Satsuma Orange, Sugared Strawberry (Suggestion: Add a little Ginger & Lime fragrance oil to give the blend a little tartness!)
  • STRAWBERRY LIMEADE – Sugared Strawberry, Ginger & Lime, Awaken
  • GREEN ACRES – Cottongrass, New Beginnings, Honeysuckle
  • THE FRESH OUTDOORS – Cottongrass, New Beginnings, Sambucus
  • MOJITO – Mad About Mint, Ginger & Lime, Champagne
  • MIMOSA – Satsuma Orange, Champagne
  • SUMMER CIRTUS SPRITZER – Satsuma Orange, Ginger & Lime, Grapefruit & Bergamot, Champagne
  • LILAC SLUMBER AROMATHERAPY – Lilac Blossoms, Lavender & Chamomile (Suggestion: Add a little Lavender & Sage fragrance oil to heighten those beautiful lavender notes!)
  • LAVENDER & SPRING APRICOT (BETTER THAN B&BW DUPES!) - Lavender & Sage, Juicy Apricot, Sambucus
  • MELON BLOSSOM – Cucumber Melon, Sambucus
  • MODERN LAVENDER & MINT – Lavender & Sage, Eucalyptus & Mint, Sambucus
  • GARDEN PATH – Lavender & Sage, Rosemary & Mint, Butterfly Garden
  • PHOENIX RISING – Dragon Moon, Oudh Wood
  • EARL GREY & HONEY – Afternoon Tea, Bergamot & Honey
  • APPLE BLOSSOMS & MINT – Avalon, Mad About Mint, Sambucus
  • VANILLA WOODS – Vanilla Cream, Oudh Wood
  • ROSEWOOD – Rose Geranium, Oudh Wood (This blend is AMAZING!!! Strongly suggested at equal parts!)
  • SANDALWOOD ROSE – Somali Soul, Rose Geranium
  • THE VIEW FROM HERE – Earth Meets Sky, Winter Wonderland
  • I’M IN LOVE WITH A LUMBERJACK – Winter Wonderland, Cavalier
  • LAVENDER, APPLES & MINT – Apple, Lavender & Sage, Mad About Mint
  • BREEZY BLOSSOMS – Lilac Blossoms, Seven Isles, Sambucus
  • MOCHA CARAMEL COFFEE – Chocolate Indulgence, Caramel Coffee
  • YUZU & COCONUT VERBENA – Coconut Lime Verbena, Sun Kissed Cocoa
  • WILD LEMON TREE – Awaken, Oudh Wood, Crisp Juniper
  • ICED CINNAMON ROLLS – Cinnamon Supreme, Vanilla Cream
  • BLACKBERRY BLOSSOMS & VANILLA – Blackberry Ambrosia, Vanilla Cream
  • THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE (NO JOKE!!!) - Cavalier, Oudh Wood (Suggestion: Definitely equal parts with this one, trust me!!)
  • HUMIDOR – The Devil’s Door, Artemis, Vanilla Cream
  • HEAVEN & EARTH – New Beginnings, Seventh Heaven
  • SANDALWOOD & LEMON – Somali Soul, Oudh Wood, Awaken
  • LEMONWOOD – Somali Soul, Crisp Juniper (Suggestion: Use more Somali Soul fragrance oil than Crisp Juniper fragrance oil in this blend.)
  • APPLE BLOSSOMS & LAVENDER – Avalon, Lavender & Sage, Sambucus
  • LADY MARMALADE – All Soul’s Day, Satsuma Orange
  • SPICED PATCHOULI & ORANGE – Orange Patchouli, Cinnamon Supreme
  • LEMON BARS – Lemon Pound Cake, Sugar Cookie (Suggestion: Add a little All Soul’s Day to this blend. Trust me, it works!)
  • SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS – Eucalyptus & Mint, Winter Wonderland (Suggestion: Definitely equal parts with this one- trust!)
  • CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES – Chocolate Indulgence, Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Cream
  • FORBIDDEN FRUIT – Devious, Avalon (Suggestion: 2 parts Devious fragrance oil to 1 part Avalon fragrance oil. Avalon fragrance oil can be substituted for Apple fragrance oil if preferred. Both options smell fabulous!)
  • BERGAMOT & HONEY OUDH – Bergamot & Honey, Oudh Wood


  • Lye @ 5% Superfat
  • Aloe Juice @ 33.33% Lye Concentration (2:1/Liquid: Lye)
  • 40% Olive Oil
  • 30% Coconut Oil
  • 10% Castor Oil
  • 10% Cocoa Butter (Deodorized)
  • 10% Shea Butter
  • 6% Fragrance Oil Blend (2 Parts “Rose Geranium” Fragrance Oil, 1 Part “Apple” Fragrance Oil, 1 Part “Mad About Mint” Fragrance Oil)
  • 3% Sodium Lactate (Optional. Added to Cooled Lye Solution)
  • 3% Hydrolyzed Oat Protein (Optional. Added to Cooled Lye Solution)
  • 1/2TBS/PPO Kaolin Clay (Optional. Blended into Fragrance Oil Blend)
  • 1.5tsp to 2tsp/PPO “Winter White” Mica
  • 1tsp/PPO “Lollipop” Mica, “Sea Green” Mica & “Hello Spring!” Mica


  • Lye @ 5% Superfat
  • Distilled Water @ 33.33% Lye Concentration (2:1/Water: Lye)
  • 40% Olive Oil
  • 30% Coconut Oil
  • 10% Castor Oil
  • 10% Cocoa Butter (Deodorized)
  • 10% Shea Butter
  • 1.5tsp to 2tsp/PPO “Winter White” Mica
  • Melt & Pour Rose Embeds in “Lollipop” Mica
  • Melt & Pour Apple Embeds in “Hello Spring!” Mica
  • Melt & Pour Mint Leaf Embeds in “Sea Green” Mica
  • “Snowflake Sparkle” Mica (Dusted on Top)
  • Wilton #6B Piping Tip